This article may be of interest to anyone who has seen used automotive ads online but is uncertain whether employment using this truck would be productive or stimulating. Vacuum truck driving can be a good job for anyone who loves to use commercial trucks.

Drivers of these vehicles collect, transfer and release various materials. These materials come in various forms such as fresh and saline water, crude oil, wastewater and toxic chemicals. Given the types of materials involved, these operators should undergo various types of training, multiple certification programs, and must follow the employer's operational procedures to perform the job productively and safely. An applicant for a job with these types of vehicles should know the requirements required to drive them if they are interested in driving this demand field.

education Requirement

Although there are no specific training requirements, some companies will only accept those who are high school or those who have received a general education certificate (GED). In addition, the applicant must have a clean post. Experience in working in a workshop can also be an advantage.

Driving experience

Requirements for employment based on experience can vary from one company to another. For this type of vehicle operation, the applicant usually requires two to five years of commercial trucking experience.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) explains that "driving experience" means that the vehicle dealer was previously employed by a company that required the operation of commercial trucks, such as vacuum cleaners. Subsequently, the applicant must have passed a practical proficiency test given by a licensed licensing and testing office recognized by each state. Most importantly, after the test and during the applicant's employment with their former company, they must have operated commercial vehicles for at least two years.


A dust transport operator must have a valid commercial license (CDL) and be certified by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) by meeting the requirements specified by them.

The following are requirements that one must complete in order to qualify for a commercial driving license. They have to:

  • Be at least 21 years old or older and physically fit. Some states accept 18-year-olds, but they are limited to working within that state. Being 21 years allows one to do interstate driving.

  • Leave a medical examination every two years. The physical exam contains one:

1. Hearing and visual test
2. Blood pressure test
3. Drug test
4. Alcohol sample

  • Have normal upper and lower extremities

  • Write a written exam on certain rules and regulations

  • Prove that they can use the vehicle

  • Have a good driving record. According to DOT, a "good driving list" means that they may not hold another license or have a revoked license and may not have any serious traffic offenses.


Training for a vacuum cleaner operator is made informally. New jobs must participate in one to two days of training seminar where they learn: general rules; enterprise policy and security activities; and supplement any paperwork. Some states offer a "hands-on" type of seminar to improve the knowledge of the operator when handling the vehicle. Certification is given when passing the training seminar.

Finding a vacuum cleaner for sale is not that difficult; However, becoming a vacuum cleaner may require more effort. You have to undergo several training and skill tests to become certified. The government requires that the vehicle operators have a commercial driving license. In addition, the applicant must have medical examinations to ensure that they are physically fit to use the vehicle. The company usually provides safety training on the operation of the vehicle.

Hopefully, the above information will be useful for those people who are interested in pursuing employment in vacuum cleaners and operators. Good luck finding the desired job!