Audi Quattro real Quattros have quad Hella headlights.. #audi #audi #lights

Audi Quattro real Quattros have quad Hella headlights.. #audi #audi #lights

The Panasonic TC-P58S1 is a relatively affordable Plasma 1080p HDTV. Is it worth considering for your home? Let's take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

One of Panasonic's TC-P58S1 professionals is its image quality. In fact, this is the main reason why it is worth considering. Its black levels are particularly impressive, as expected by a plasma, which in turn leads to impeccable shadow detail, more saturated colors and sharper and more realistic images overall. Of course, its colors may not be too precise, but this is a problem that plagues most Panasonic Plasmaset, and it is not so obvious if you are not a video file.

Another good thing about the TC-P58S1 is that it is an energy efficient Plasma, thanks to its Neo PDP panel, although it still consumes more electricity than LCDs. It is also a user-friendly HDTV with a clicker that, although lacking in backlighting, offers responsive buttons that are easy to distinguish from one another and a straightforward large-text on-screen menu and a blue and yellow color scheme.

Its design is also not bad. Of course, the glossy black frame can be relatively thick and lacks any accents or borders to make it stand out from the rest, in addition to a subtle silver strip at the bottom, but that means it looks good in the living room. The frame is also interrupted only by the logos, the switch and the indicator light, so you can watch the pictures you see on the screen itself.

Now, for the disadvantages. One is the fact that TC-P58S1 lacks interactive features. You will not be able to access online updates or videos on this or to access the media files that you have stored on your network computers. The TC-P58S1 is rather built just for displaying entertainment, so if you want your HDTV to offer more, you need to look elsewhere, probably higher up in the price list.

The image controls on the TC-P58S1 are also a bit shady compared to other HDTV models, but generally Viera offers HDTV, except for the V10 models, not much in terms of image adjustments. Still, you will find five image modes to choose from - four adjustable and custom modes that are independent per input, along with three color temperature settings, five aspect ratios, and some noise reduction options, but that's basically just that.

The connection is not too impressive either. It certainly has three HDMI inputs - two on the back and one on the side panel, and it also has two-component video inputs and an SD card slot so you can easily share your photos with your family and friends, but it would have been better if Panasonic TC- The P58S1 offered a PC input, as well as more analog connections and perhaps even a USB port.

Finally, the Panasonic TC-P58S1 also has problems processing the proper 1080p and 24p sources, and while this is another subtle problem, video files are better looking for other models that can display Blu-ray content without hitching motion. The verdict? The TC-P58S1 is not recommended for video files, but it is still a good choice for the rest who want to focus on the amazing experience that an HDTV can deliver without paying too much.