Four Power

Four Power

When my daughter was 8 years old, she wanted to join girl shooters. There was no one who could lead the group. I succeeded voluntarily. The girls were great at serving brands, requiring frequent field trips; ie a lot of driving. The girls knew I would drive them anywhere, but that was an approach. There was no talking allowed in the car!

I ran a Lincoln Town Car Cartier fully equipped with all available buttons and gadget. There were many business dinners and business meetings on the agenda these days. A partner drove my daughter, her friend and I back from such a dinner when Rachael & her friend started getting high and giggly, making it impossible to continue talking. Without warning, my partner turned to meet the girls as he said, we have a very important top secret meeting and you have to stop talking right now or I will have to press this eject button, his hand hovering over one of the many controls on instrument panel. The girls were immediately silent.

At the next field trip, some girls, new to my car and rules, got quite high. My daughter said you have to stop talking right now or my mother will have to press the James Bond eject button pointing to the "button". One of the girls laughed and said you can't do that when Rachael's friend chatted in and said, oh yes, I've been in this car before and I saw it! From that day forward, all the girls were always silent in my car.

I have never been involved in any type of car accident due to three (3) things, driving with an eye overlooking the rear-view mirror, one hand on the horn and of course no talking, radio or other distractions when driving. Have you driven anywhere today without encountering a car that just crosses the track to see a driver on a mobile phone? Or a fast-paced driver, change of lane and road speed? My favorite is the rude driver who seeps everyone in the long line of merging traffic in the left lane while he goes to the right and "dive bombs" in front of all the cars where there are even just a few inches of space. The length of some drivers will go to just get a car ahead is crazy. My car horn has literally saved my life a hundred times. As a fast-paced driver stays in and on the back of my car makes 70, I have put on the horn to assure the attention of surrounding drivers including the speed demo. Instead of getting angry or losing control, I focus on what drivers around me do and predict what they can do next. Drivers change paths that cut in front of other cars without signaling, roll through stop signs and apparently believe that a yellow light means to hurry not slow down and prepare to stop. It is amazing how many believe that the driving rules are for other people and do not apply to them.

My attitude was drastic when I taught my daughter the importance of full attention when driving behind the wheel of the car, but it had the impact I wanted. So far my daughter has not been involved in any kind of car accident. She has been driving for several years and yes she runs quite quietly.

There is nothing you can do about the unwavering or ruthless driving of others along the way. It is your responsibility to drive as your life depends on it, because it does!