“If you can see the tree you’re gonna hit you got understeer. If you can only hear it, you got…

“If you can see the tree you’re gonna hit you got understeer. If you can only hear it, you got oversteer ” – Walter Röhrl

When it's time to start buying the gear for your cute new motorcycle, you may be shocked at how high a price tag you can end up with. Some expenses are inevitable, it never pays to go cheap on the gear that will save your life. But at Splat Hat you will find the best prices for the safest, narrowest tools you can find. To begin with, here is a free recommendation. If you are looking for a helmet that is comfortable, looks great, and keeps your head as safe as possible, wear a helmet full face.

So why should you personally get a wholehearted? There are lots of reasons, and many of them have to do with your comfort. First and foremost, your ears will become a problem without proper protection. The road is a noisy place, and so is your bike. Together, this is a safe fire recipe to harm your hearing. When you wear an entire helmet you are guaranteed protection. The plastic shell not only covers your ears, but also the inner layer of the padding, which allows you to hear from the hearing loss.

If you want to drive your motorcycle in all four seasons, a whole helmet is the only option for you. That's why we have a full range of helmet helmets for the entire face that you can choose from. Why is a wholehearted such an advantage, maybe you ask? Because the drop down visor protects your face from the elements. You don't have to worry about a face full of winter winds, or summer sunlight. You will also be ready for stones and sticks.

If security is a priority, as it should be for any rider, you really have no choice but to choose a whole-hearted motorcycle helmet. Other helmets can protect a part of your head, but nothing else will come anywhere you have over your neck, which is sincere, the protection you should have. An entire helmet helps you cover both the back and the sides or the head, while ensuring that your face and eyes are protected by the face down, lock in visor, which is a safety use.

There are also other concerns. When you ride your fantastic bike, you want to make sure you also look your best. A whole-wheeled motorcycle helmet is a good and affordable way to look as good as your bike does. You can get your helmet a variety of colors and graphics, and pair colorful visors with it as well. It is a sharp look that is also safe.

There are many reasons why an entire motorcycle helmet on the face is the way to go. For starters, the best way to go in comfort is whatever the season. Second, it is the best way to protect your face, which is always a priority for the smart rider. And finally, they look amazing, and when you wear one, you want. So go to the Splat Hat website and download your full helmet today!