Time traveling in the classy cockpit of this Mercedes. Photo by @s.kh hope everyone has a great weekend please be safe guys. #audi #audi #woman

Time traveling in the classy cockpit of this Mercedes. Photo by S.kh hope everyone has a great weekend please be safe guys. #audi #audi #woman

If you're going to motorsport this year, you have to consider buying a racing bench. There is a wide range of companies out there that deliver race seats, whether you are finally going to use the car for racing, track days, road use or a mix of the above. One thing to remember is that the price of two race seats varies enormously according to their relative specifications - and above all the materials used in the design. In fact, prices range from around £ 100 up to several thousand, depending on the specific manufacturer or brand, and on the specification.

The seats are mainly designed with universal fittings. In essence, this means that the sites are not specially designed for any individual road or racing vehicle and instead can be installed on a large number of road and race cars relatively easily. The manufacturers of the race seats achieve this by designing and delivering different seat rails (bracket) for different models of road and racing car. This eliminates the need for the seat itself to be adapted for each vehicle type.

Some race seats use the brackets that are mounted on the side of the seats and allow it to slide forward and back freely according to each driver's requirements. Alternatively, there are other racing seats on top of running rails, which are bolted in place under the seat. In the latter case, extra care should be taken if you intend to purchase the seat and rails separately, as they may not be 100% compatible. In any case, most race seats are sold as packaging, which includes the mounting brackets (and associated fixings) so it will not be a major problem in most cases.

Then you need to decide which restraint (or seat belts) are required after you make a decision about the preferred mounting and budget. If you are going to take car racing, this requirement will probably have been made for you by MSA, FIA, or the rules of your specific racing series. Factory fitted belts may be sufficient in the short term, but it is highly likely that you will need to upgrade to a complete racing bench sometime as your racing career develops. Remember that seat belts provide significant improvements in side support - this is needed to stay in place during high-speed corners. In general, you want to carefully budget for a 4 or 5-point racing belt if you intend to participate in anything but the most basic events.

The final consideration will be the level of comfort you need to achieve from the locations - and it will largely be determined by where, when and how often you intend to use the vehicle. If the car is only to be used for competition, it is common for the discount comfort to be immaterial. Remember that you will probably want to use the car on the road from time to time (even driving to and from competition events, depending on your budget). Try out a couple of different designs from your card list and investigate what's best according to your use of the car - whether it's tracks, tracks or both.