Only about 52 countries in the world are driving on the left side of the road, this drive system being introduced by the UK. From a total of 193 sovereign states, only 52 drive on the left side of the road or say right-hand drive vehicles. This makes about 1/4. Of the total world driving with right-hand drive vehicles. More surveys show that there is no special reason, while the countries including the United States claim that it is safer.

Some readers might wonder how to convert a right side control to the left. This is obviously not that simple and the risks and costs involved should be taken into account. But why is there a demand for such a method and why such users do not buy right-hand drive or left-hand drive cars primarily to comply with their national traffic rules. Results show that customers who cannot afford a new car go to a used one and when looking for a used high quality vehicle with less driving distances and high specifications, their eyes turn to Japan.

Japan is the largest export market for used high quality cars, but Japan has a UK traffic system that runs on the left side of the road. Therefore, customers who want Japanese domestic vehicles must either drive a right-hand drive vehicle or make the adjustment of the steering if there are any strict rules on the import of used vehicles with the right-hand drive. Some countries have completely banned the import of right-hand drive vehicles that have left the users of exporters to provide a left-hand conversion. One such exporter is Nexuss International Co.Ltd. Japan is called Nexusscars. They strive to provide all support to the global importers of used cars from Japan.

The control conversion process is technical and is not limited to mechanical but electric as well. Vehicles that have central lock, electric windows and power steering must be reset after the conversion so that the driver does not feel different from the original. During the conversion process, you first have to remove the instrument panel, door controls and steering packages including foot pedals. The empty spaces from the pedals on the floor must be remedied with full care not to burn any electricity. Then, brake cylinders, air conditioners, heaters and power steering chains should be placed on the opposite side. The important factor is to install the new electricity and new rubber parts and cables, including foot pedals.

The airbags are very sensitive, therefore extra care must be taken when removing the handlebar and fixing it again. Finally, all checks to ensure that all electricity is functioning properly after the new dashboard is fixed and the new control bracket is properly welded to the passenger side. When all functions have been tested, the door must be trimmed and the job is almost over. In Japan, there are high speed testers who will electronically tell about the unit; this saves the risks on the road. Once the test has been proven, your converted left hand carriage is ready for a safe ride.

There are few garages in Japan that provide this extraordinary service under qualified mechanics. The prices of control conversion may vary and depend on the type of vehicle at any time but please always have a second opinion on prices and expertise for such jobs. Get a rescue trip.