1,122 Likes, 9 Comments – CHEVROLET CAMARO (@chevrolet_camaro_ss) on Instagram

1,122 Likes, 9 Comments – CHEVROLET CAMARO (@chevrolet_camaro_ss) on Instagram

Thousands of people every day try to find the best way to learn how to draw a car. So what's so difficult and how can you learn how to drive a car properly and get it right? I'll give you some tips that I've learned that you can apply for your drawings and hopefully create a car that looks like it's running straight from your paper!

Most car drawings that I have shown to me are missing some important things when trying to pull a car. One of these is patience. It is obvious when someone has just spent half an hour on a drawing that they have tried to clear from the beginning.

Drawing a car and making it real is difficult enough without having to fill in every detail in your drawing. I strongly recommend that you start printing from the reference image. Yes you can trace images if you want, but it doesn't help you much in the long run. You need to train your brain to see lines and tones and apply them to your drawings.

It's a colorful world .. or is it?

A good tip that I use when I have problems deciding what my drawing should look like is to get rid of the color. When you take out all the colors of a car photo, you are just left with the black and white tones you need to replicate in your drawing. It makes it much easier to visualize what you need to do to make your car accurate and correct.

When you do this, note how the light plays on different surfaces of the car. Is it shiny and metallic? Boring and rubbery? What makes it look different on a photo and how do you think you can represent it with pen and paper? Getting a solid understanding of this process allows you not only to learn how to draw a car really well, but also you will be able to draw everything you want. Great artists have become good through exercise and observation. You can do the same.

Slope of judgment!

What I notice in a lot of ambitious artists and something that I was also guilty of is the title of your head. This may not look like much, but when you lean on your head without noticing it, you effectively set the score for your drawing and you will end up with a car that slants left or right. To avoid doing this stop for a few minutes, stand back and look at your drawing from another point of view. Make sure that everything that is horizontal is and that it does not lean on the road or otherwise.