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1933 indian motorcycle Low Storage Rates and Great Move-In Specials! Look no further Everest Self Storage is the place when you’re out of space! Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Parking Available! Ideal for Classic Cars, Motorcycles, ATV’s & Jet Skies. Make your reservation today! 626-288-8182

What do you think it is necessary to ride a motorcycle or ATV at a competitive level for a long time on the track? Riding experience, skills, intestines, a little madness? Yes, all are necessary, but more importantly! The laws of physics are against us here. Our machines can weigh from 250 to 400 pounds and our protective gear about 30, now throw in gravity and inertia and we have created a force on the body that absolutely requires strength. All competitive athletes in the world control trains including golfers ...... GOLFERS! But so many racers believe that strength training will have a negative impact on their riding and racing ability. Nothing can be further from the truth and I will explain why and be MYTHBUSTER MANAGEMENT!

The first myth of strength training is that racers think they will be big or muscular. Everyone equates strength or weight training to look like a bodybuilder. Coming from a physique background, let me assure you that it takes a lot of food, supplements, a bodybuilding exercise program and drugs to get a physique like that. If your program design is to make you stronger and more functional out on the track, you do not have to worry about being too big or too muscular, just stronger. Being stronger makes it possible to maneuver the quad better, press harder during times of pressure, and if you crash or get stuck, it can help you get your ATV up and running.

Other myths, strength training will not develop or improve cardiovascular endurance. Racers who think this has obviously not been trained intensively or have never been wearing a heart rate monitor during resistance training. Strength training requires a lot of cardiovascular and respiratory help. Have you ever made a set of squats or dead lifts and didn't feel your heart pounding through your chest while gasing for air? If not up your weight and reps you pansy. Do you think you're in good shape? If so, try to make power cleaning at 80% of your maximum weight to failure (this is when you start losing good shape) immediately go down and do push-ups to fail, then jump back and do the pull ups to failure. Do you breathe hard? Do you feel like falling down and crying like a pleeb? Welcome to training and conditioning in real life, now make 5 sets of it and finish with some wind tracks, stair climbs and crab crawls and you will know how and why MPT racers are some of the best conditioned racers around.

Myth number three, strength training causes arm pump! No, it doesn't, it will actually make your hands and forearms stronger, which, as expressed in my armpum particle, improves driving ability. Grab a few weights and you get a grip that is strong enough to hold onto any Baldwin engine power!

So its long and short strength is equal to speed and power, who doesn't want more of it? The faster and stronger your muscles respond to a reaction, the better the chances are that you will go faster when you control your machine! So now strength is equal to faster lap times, which corresponds to better placed finishes, isn't it the top goal for racing? Do you still want to go away with the weights in the gym?

I will give you my favorite relocation to build on all body strength and power. The first one is the front squat. Large composite motion that really burns up the core. The other is the dead lift (with dead lifting benches or dumbbells), really primitive and recruiting deep muscle fibers when they are properly down. The third is a combination of pull-ups directly in push-ups. No weights are needed and every muscle in the body experiences activation. Power cleaning, lots of strength on the arm and intestinal energy needs. Incorporate any of these exercises into your routine and you will be about to develop a serious strength and power.

Time seems to be a problem with every racer, fits in your workouts between work and spin always seems to be a limiting factor! Choosing one of the exercise strength exercises and performing multiple sets can be the answer to assembly in a quick and effective workout. Remember that training is better than no training! By doing so, you will challenge every system in the body and maintain and hopefully improve the strength you already have. These compound movements should be incorporated into your routine throughout the year. Stick with the suggested exercises and you will soon see why they are at the heart of any sports education program no matter what the sport can be.