2,658 Beğenme, 17 Yorum – Instagram’da ? (@bornwithcamera): “Second attempt. 510ps 2

2,658 Beğenme, 17 Yorum – Instagram’da ? (@bornwithcamera): “Second attempt. 510ps 2-seater coupe or 612ps family wagon?”

Dubai is a modern metropolis located in the middle of a desert. The landscape that exists there has now developed since the early 1970s and in recent years has taken an even faster pace.

With reserves of oil slowly coming to an end in Dubai, they have changed their focus to bring money to the Emirates to finance and tourism. If you are taking a trip to Dubai, the financial district is also worth a visit, purely for the greatness of the buildings and to see the lifestyle that the high flying from around the world can serve in Dubai.

There are hundreds of hotels that have all been well documented, and it is possible with a little planning to get a room in one of the more advanced hotels at very reasonable prices. If your budget doesn't go so far, simply visit Kemplinski or the Sheraton and check out one of their many restaurants. Cab rides are very cheap, so you can easily get around town.

Shopping is the second draw in Dubai. There seems to be a new gallery opening every week, and with the opening of the Dubai Mall - which is also the world's largest - you can spend days, just make sure you have all the shopping that your airline will allow you to take back.

Relaxing away from the hotels is also very easy. Since Dubai is so multicultural, there are hundreds of nationalities represented in small cafes that stretch the streets. And if you want to get away from the bright lights, just book a desert safari and experience how Arabia would have been like before the entire modern construction.

Dubai is a blend of modern Western ideals and traditional Middle Eastern values. Just make sure you follow the local laws and you will have a great holiday.