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After the reintroduction of the Mini back in 2001 by BMW, the classic vehicle has undergone conversions that boggle the minus fan's mind while retaining its status as a cult icon - the joy developed by iconic front grids and headlights remains unchanged but under the hood, the newly upgraded Mini packs a much larger 200 horsepower stroke that replaces the original 34 horsepower of the 1960s from the first Mini Cooper.

Most can discover one in sight, largely because of their "cutest car ever" status. Its rating as a compact does not seem to have the same vomiting powers as the Toyota Prius.

The "new" Mini - not just a beautiful face

But this car is not just a beautiful face - the German brand BMW has ensured that the small little vehicle can stay in its original arena as a racing car. They marketed the brand "new" Mini Cooper as a compact car that runs the same way as a go-kart. And they weren't moving - the S model is a car that drives enthusiasts and road thieves would be proud to have in their "cars in the zoom" arsenal.

If you do not own or have access to a Mini, some car clubs offer non-owners the opportunity to ride with them during their driving events so that they can see first hand how the car handles and talks all about the fun size road monster.

The car's fan base is probably one of the most quirky and interesting groups out there - they aren't shy about proclaiming their love for the little terror and some have taken it so far as to compile lists of their favorite things about the Mini Cooper!

Cause # 1: Face it - cuteness is and will always be the deciding factor

The mini is cute without looking like a chick car. Sure, the female fan base is also out there - but men don't look less masculine behind the wheel of this thief compact. If cars can be classified as urban and metrosexuals (it looks good but is straight) then the Mini Cooper would win their hands down.

On a side time, the car's "cute" facade hides some powerful surprises. The famous "happy" grille is topped by a hood bucket that inhales refreshing air for the hyped-up engine. If you think there is no debris in the trunk - double the exhaust pipes would show you wrong. And don't forget to buy aftermarket wheels - 17-inch alloy tires are so integrated in the Mini construction that handles Mini Cooper at breakneck speeds and hard hairpin curves have never been so easy!

Cause # 2: Mini Cooper is beautiful inside and out!

Most cars have a dashboard with a speedometer, mileage and fuel gauge behind the wheel, which makes the dashboard free of GPS, A / C controls and entertainment systems. Mini Cooper, on the other hand, has a large (some would say oversized) centrally located circular speedometer (with some patterns with a GPS in the middle).

And talk about the owners' adaptation! The Mini Cooper actually has mood lighting installed that you can turn on and change with the push of a button. Do not forget the two-tone interiors and seating doors - you can of course have it with the Mini, but the things that distinguish it from others - this makes Mini Cooper one of the best choices for the car owner looking for something unique and fun.

Cause # 3: The advertising campaign can be read as "New" Mini Cooper - but it's still true for its roots!

So many "classic" cars have tried and failed to invent themselves. Either the manufacturer failed to innovate and appeal to the new market or killed too far from the original design and alienated the existing fan base.

The "new" Mini Cooper has stayed true to its racing races but has also been able to collect a great cult after its mass market complaint. The race car's roots cannot be for everyone, but Mini Cooper's stylish curves and old-school-meets-new-school designs distinguish it from others in the racing world. You also still get the "Vintage" Street Legal Vehicle without compromising on engine power and actual driving parts.

Cause # 4: If you drive around the city or down a missing motorway - the Mini takes you where you want to go!

The Mini Cooper was built for practical features - you can walk about 400 plus miles on a single tank of gas - which, incidentally, doesn't require you to sacrifice your first-born because the tank can hold about 13.2 gallons.

Of course, it would not be fair not to mention any drawbacks to running the Mini Cooper tribe, for example, will not hold much if you pack as if you have been exposed. But if you pack easily and want to go on an extended road trip - there are not many compacts that will feel so comfortable transitioning from city to motorway.

The Mini Cooper unibody and chassis design also keep pretty good in the case of accidents due to the torsional stiffness. The same asset that helps reduce unpleasant "residence" car sounds like cracking and rattling parts also helps protect drivers from the bumps.

This doesn't give the owners a license to run ruthlessly - but it's just impressive to see something that small can face an F150 and say "you should see the other guy".

Cause # 5: You can go really, really fast

The newer models of the Mini Cooper S with the John Cooper Works package (JCW) can take us up to 200 mph speeds - not that anyone would actually use this to drive to the office or hoping to hit rush hour - but that's nice knowing that you have that option.

The engine has been upgraded to the Mini Cooper to a 1.6 liter, 172 hp engine that allows 177 pounds per foot of torque at 1600 rpm. Not bad for a little small compact. The Mini packs all that power and still manages to fit into the smallest parking spaces. No more cussing out insensitive fools who can't park to save their lives.

Also - remember BMW's claim that Mini Cooper runs like a go-kart? All right. It is small enough that you feel that you are in an in-depth box car that is embellished in your father's garage and the little speed demo in you will chill in karting around the "obstacle course" on the streets of any city or city you are in.

Oh, by the way, if you are the proud owner of a new Mini Cooper, take a gander at the turn. There is a small little button where labeled "sports" that you may want to engage when you need help maneuvering these hairpin curves. Come on, you know you want to!

However, pay attention to the Mini's smaller than star wheel "torque control". If you are in a high-speed situation, keep in mind that the steering wheel can suddenly snap and affect your driving performance.