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One of the best performance modifications you can make for your motorcycle is to put on lighter wheels! I know you see that these wheels weigh 10 kg less than stock, so you think, 10 pounds will not justify paying all the money for nice light rims. But the question is not how much weight you save, that's where is the weight you save?

Lighter wheels will make a huge difference in handling your bike, accelerating and decelerating the "braking" of your bike for the following reasons.

Non-rotational weight:
An ounce reduced from the total weight of the wheels is equal to 4 ounces taken by another part of the cycle. Magnesium wheels normally weigh at least 10 pounds less than your aluminum wheel bearings. This is equal to 40 pounds of weight loss on the bike, not so bad ...

Rotation weight:
This is the weight loss on the outer rim of the wheel and this is where weight loss makes a big difference. At 100 mph, every ounce of weight reduced here, is like having 25 pounds of weight taken by the motorcycle! This is real weight that must be twisted, accelerated and stopped, and in the same way it will improve twisting, acceleration and stopping. At any rate, the reduction is relative to the speed of the bicycle. As you increase your speed, weight savings increase exponentially.

There are many types of light wheels out there, made in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber.

What to Expect:
Most who upgrade to light wheels experience better acceleration, better engine braking, "lighter feel" in motion, and easier twisting, with no noticeable stability loss. Because of its ability to spin so easily, many riders report that they can "break loose" with the rear tire around the corners but without any control.

Although they can be expensive, I really feel that light wheels are an incredible upgrade for anyone who wants to get more motorcycle performance. What other part can you get for your bike that gives you better handling, better braking, better acceleration and better looks for that kind of money?