Braun Wagen

Braun Wagen

Applies to:

-Biker and motorcycle enthusiasts

- But looking for some jewelry

-Other who is looking for skull-shaped rings either for himself or a friend / family / sweetheart

Makings of a Real, Fat Skull Ring:

Quality: There are many online and offline distributors of skull-shaped jewelry. It is impossible to ensure the quality of the ring without physically holding it and seeing it. Thus, you must make sure that the ring you buy is from a reputable seller, with a 14-30 day return and exchange policy and no refund fees! In the smallest detail, the online retailer should provide a decent quality image of over 400 pixels (at least 3 inches)

Style: Buy biker gifts for someone else? Since cranial rings are more suited to men between the ages of 20 and 50, smaller sizes will not be available. Most skull rings worn by top jewelry dealers begin with size 8 and can reach size 20+

Beware of rings that are labeled or associated with a trademark such as Harley Davidson. These rings may not be officially licensed by their respective holders and the seller may use the name (s) to obtain better page rank on search engines. If you are looking for a Harley Davidson ring, make sure the item has a certificate of authenticity.

Weight: At minimum, 15.0 grams. A crane ring that does not weigh at least 15 grams will be lightweight, undermined and likely to be of lower quality in general. The reason for this is that a large amount of solid metal must be used to create a thick, heavy ring; There is no way around it! The skull ring style is designed to be large, exuberant, loud, masculine, and most importantly BOLD. Biker rings in most styles require massive metal filling, and this is the area that some dealers choose to cut in the corner and "shave inside" for less weight. Be sure to watch it!

The maximum weight that a ring should weigh is 35 grams. Higher than 35 grams and you have a heavy ring that can carry your finger all day and cause stress and trouble over a period of time. Finally, the extra weight would be translated into a larger ring (regardless of ring finger size) which can also be cumbersome and get in the way of daily activities.

Price - Silver or Gold?: Silver is your best bet for any skull ring. Why? Simply because of cost / price. A typical silver ring may cost anywhere from $ 50 to $ 250, depending on the style, size, silver market price at that time and other factors. The same ring in gold will be 5 times or more when it comes to price.

Even a basic 14k gold ring costs $ 200 to $ 750. This is due to the market prices of Silver VS. Gold and the big gap between the two. If tarnishing or oxidation keeps you back from silver, simply invest in a silver cleaning cloth that can be found in any jewelry store for about ten dollars or less. Just a minute to rub your bold, masculine skull ring ensures optimum gloss and appearance. Do it once a month or as needed and your jewelry will remain in top shape!