Commonly known as Previa in the UK, Toyota Estima was launched in 1990. During its three generations, it underwent serious face lifts to compete well with European MPVs such as Renault Espace and VW Sharan. Although Estima was interrupted in Europe because of Ford and VW's aggressive pricing in 2006, the second and third generation are among the most desirable MPVs in the UK. A used Toyota Previa or Estima would cost between £ 2,000 and £ 12,000 depending on model, mileage and condition. Now before actually making the decision, it is beneficial that all the advantages and disadvantages of this large MPV be studied, so here is its brief overview


  • Estima comes with all the safety features expected of a full-size family MPV; from airbags to collapsing pedals and crumple zone, even today it is one of the safest cars in the market.

  • It is loaded with equipment, spacious and comfortable 7 reclining chairs, all with headrests, separate front and rear air conditioning, sound system, central lock and power mirror options are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • When it comes to reliability, you can always bet on Toyota and Estima is no exception. The best build quality and top of the line reliability have kept their resale value and desirably high.

  • Although it is large, it is nice to handle and behave like a car instead, on all roads.

  • The controls are inclined to the driver and placed in the center point, making driving more driver friendly.

  • Even after passing 100,000 miles in your Estima you will find lots of people willing to buy it at a reasonable price, but you can definitely expect better returns than Renault and Ford.


  • Although Toyota offered 3.0 and 3.5 liters of petrol engines in their respective third generation, the 2.4-liter petrol engine was released on European and UK markets, making the Toyota Estima engine a motor-driven engine compared to its rivals.

  • Despite having a 2.4 liter petrol engine, it is not an environmentally friendly MPV. With carbon dioxide emissions that affect 256 g / km of land, Estima will not save any tax money.

  • Although the building quality is spotless, some parts are on the expensive side. In addition, due to high demand from Estimas, Toyota dealers take a premium also on used models.

Its professionals definitely outweigh its disadvantages, with an under-motivated Toyota Estima engine being the only real hiccup. But before buying, Estima requests complete service history and ownership, just to be on the safe side.