#Ferrari …repinned für Gewinner! – jetzt gratis… #luxurycars

#Ferrari …repinned für Gewinner! – jetzt gratis… #luxurycars

This is something good for you to know about. Driving in the rain makes the journey more tricky and difficult, but not necessarily more dangerous. They are several important things to remember - the right speed, feel the road and finally, proper rain maintenance on your motorcycle.

For example, you are in a good motorcycle, like the Mini bike with a high and low speed compression adjustment. You are much safer than in another motorcycle because it has a safe grip. The grip in wet is very good, and it would definitely be a safe vehicle to drive in the rain. It has a high speed motorway that runs and soaks right through the pool.

The speed you travel on is probably the most important factor: Definitely slow down. Wet road means that there are fewer grips. A slower speed reduces the water passing over the road. Do not stop on the road especially on the highway such as NLEX and SLEX.

If you want to stop finding a wide part of the service path or a rest plan and pull over to stay there. If you stop on the road, your motorcycle becomes difficult. Don't forget that the visibility of the other drivers is very limited. They may not see that you have stopped on the road. It's much better to slow down and look for a real place to pull over. You need to drive a speed that you are skilled or without feeling nervous. If you're worried about grip, slow down and be yourself.

The most important thing is that your motorcycle has the right rain maintenance, such as good tires, brakes, lamps, washing liquid, adjustment and other essential things.

To be wise, make sure you keep the motorcycle under control and good maintenance, do not make any sudden movements, which will create imbalance with the motorcycle's performance. Everything should be easily done from using the brakes, to turn the steering and even accelerate, the wet roads restrict the grip and sudden coarse movements can cause the tires to lose traction. Be safe, run smoothly, within your limits and within the motorcycle boundaries, and don't drive the bike's comfortable speed.