French group PSA Peugeot Citroen unveils compact three

French group PSA Peugeot-Citroen unveils compact three-seat EV concept

Let's start with what we already know to be true about Trump. About fifty percent of people love him and fifty percent of the people hate him.

There doesn't seem to be a lot in between.

People like either Trump or they think he's the biggest jerk ever to come down the pike.

He does a terrible mass to alienate and offend certain groups of people. And in the same way, there is an equal number of people or a list of people Trump appeals to.

So, what is the application for us, as a seller? The application is that you and I are very much like Trump. Whatever we do, we will have a significant number of people who like us and we will have a large number of people who do not like us.

Sales Training Lesson # 1 Some would like you and some will not. It is very instructive and important that you come to the realization that whatever you do, some will like you and some will not like you. If you try to be all things to all people, and you try to appeal to every group type or individual you come in contact with, you will constantly try to be something that you are not. And it is very difficult to be something that you are not. You are served better if you just get who you are and let the chip fall where they can.

In some situations, you need to change your communication style. Unlike Trump, who refuses to change his communication style, we can change our communication style without changing who we are without changing our values ​​without changing things that we consider important. It is important that we are true to who we are, that we let people know who we are, let people know what we stand for and what we do not stand for. It is equally important for people to know who you are not as it is for people to know who you are.

Sales Training Lesson # 2 Loser Hats Winner. It doesn't matter what you do, when you start winning and achieving a significant degree of success and rising above average, people will be jealous.

As you begin to step up the ladder of success, especially financial success and it becomes apparent that you are achieving greater and greater financial success, you will have many people who really do not like you and will take pictures of you.

When I started my business in 1996, I ran an old Honda, and my wife had a minivan. Within a few years we started doing really well. My wife got a BMW and I got a Mercedes. They weren't brand new, but they were fine vehicles. They were really a step up from a Honda and a minivan.

One day in the church, one of the long parish parents, whom I thought was a friend told me, "you know, money is not everything. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses." I thought it was an odd comment until I started to reflect on it.

This guy lived in the neighborhood I lived in. His house was nice and hit a little. His wife drove an old Pontiac Bonneville, who was on her last legs. He worked as an employee in a blue necklace, death work. He looked at me and he saw that I used to be in the same boat as he did, but suddenly I started making a quarter million dollars more than I did before and it became obvious that I was doing well. It made him really uncomfortable, and the only way he could feel good was to take a shot at me.

Now you notice this with Trump. Each of the other Republican candidates who ran for nomination, each of them, has taken a shot at him.

He is probably worth more money than all the other sixteen people he was opposed to putting together. They do not like it and they see a way to raise themselves. In their eyes, the way to raise is to take a shot at him. But the bottom is, each one of them is insanely envious of him.

They can't stand him because he's so successful. It comes under the headline that "losers hate winners" and if you want to join the economic elite you will get most people in life not like you because most people in life are not financially successful and they see you as a threat to them.

The more successful you become, the more people will dislike you, and it just comes with the territory.

Sales training lesson # 3 represents something. There is a principle in physics that basically works in this way. The greater the attraction of two things, the greater the rejection of the same two things. If you take two magnets and put them on the desk and face them positively to the negative, they will merge immediately and you can barely pull them together. If you then turn one of them and add positive to the positive, they will chase each other over the table and never connect.

If something works in physics, it must also work in everything else, including human relationships. Application for human relations for this is that your ability to attract is directly proportional to your willingness to reject.

If you want to learn more about human relationships and human nature, you should study physics because everything in this world is related. Everything goes together. There are no exceptions to what happens in humanity and what happens in physics. The same principles apply.

If you are afraid of offending people or insulting people because of something you say or do, you will not have a very strong attraction for other people because people are attracted to people who have strong opinions, and the stronger your opinion about something the more greater is the potential to attract.

The key to business is that you want your message to attract your ideal client. And quite frankly, you shouldn't care about anyone other than your ideal client. Now, if you violate your ideal client that is not a good thing. But if you insult people who are not your ideal client, it is okay, because they will not be your client or give you money anyway.

So how about Trump? Trump seems to distract as many people as he attracts.

Sales Training Lesson # 4 Self-Confidence. If you are not right on the edge of arrogance, you will not be as successful as someone who exercises extreme confidence.

People do not buy products and services. They buy the people or the person who sells. Buyers do not buy products and services because they do not know enough to make good, objective, well-thought-out decisions about the products and services that you and I sell.

What they recognize and what they are attracted to is our highest degree of confidence in how we sell and the advice we give. They become a client because of your highest confidence. It's another lesson that we can learn from Trump.

When in doubt, be bold about what you do. Don't be "Mickey Mouse" around, wasn't hat-in-hand, or gentle and gentle. Step up, be bold, and people will be attracted to it.

Sales Training Lesson # 5 Personality. What is Trump really paid for? If you listen to him and have read and adhered to what he is talking about and listening to him, he does not have a good basic understanding of the questions. It doesn't seem like he's spent much time studying the problems. In fact, I'm not even sure he cares about the problems.

I think what he cares about is that Trump and Trump's persona. And what does Donald Trump get paid to do? He gets paid to be Donald Trump.

People seem to be attracted to that personality. They do not seem to care that he has no idea of ​​any of the questions and some of the things some of the other candidates seem to have a fairly firm grasp on.

Removing for all of us is that we need to realize and become more of a personality-based marketer, rather than a product and service marketer. Buyers are attracted to personality. They are afflicted by a personality that a Luna Moth suffers from a fire. They will not be drawn to a product or service because they do not understand a product or service, but they are sure they do not understand personality. So, I and I should both spend a lot of time creating a persona and projecting the staff on the market.

Now that personality, that staff, maybe not the real person we are. We can be a person in business and another person, or a person, outside the business. It is okay. I have said it before, and I really believe in this: Sales is an acting job. If you want to learn to sell better, take a few plays, for the best salesmen are really actors. It's not who they are, it's the role they play.

When they put on a suit in the morning it is time to show children and they go out and project the picture, the staff, the courage and everything they need to do to influence and convince people to do what they want them to do, which is to Shop for their money for their product or service.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and Mr Trump seems to be doing very well.