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Every newlywed couple has one or two of their best wedding photos hanging on their wall or sitting on the mantle. In this time of social media, they will probably want to send some wedding photos Facebook or Instagram as well as other social media sites. People love big pictures of themselves, especially those who flatter. Flattering portraits are a great way to remember one of the best days of your life and are also good conversation starters. Everyone wants a picture perfect wedding and good wedding photos to show, but achieving the mantle worthy of the shot is not always easy. If you're not a model or an actor, you're probably not used to standing in front of a camera. Many people are not aware that there are actual techniques and rules for posing and looking good. Certainly there is occasional selfie or group photo at a party but none of them can really compare to posing for bridal portraits. There is often a lot of pressure when you go to wedding pictures because they are not fantastic pictures that you see in all the wedding magazines, your wedding day is not staged and you usually do not get a transition. A little exercise in front of a mirror will help you get over the fear of being in front of the lens. This article will help you come in different ways so your pictures are not static and you always look good.

Most good photographers help you pose. But it's really up to you to convey the facial expression that will partially be comfortable with your photographer and sure your places will look good. It is partly the real feeling that helps to bring the photographs to life. That said, here are some tips to help you set up your wedding photos. In addition, these tips apply to your honeymoon and other vacation photos.

Put your best foot forward

When posing for a wedding picture, it is advisable to move most of your weight to your back foot. Because you only need one leg to stand, one foot takes your weight and your other foot becomes your posing foot. By doing this, a girl has many different options when it comes to the leg without weight. For example, you can cross a leg behind the other to make a position with more attitude. This posture usually results in very flattering images and is also very simple and versatile.

It's all in arms

Instead of getting your arms hanging fuzzy by your side, which is often flattering, you can always stand next to each other and place your "inside" arm around your partner's waist. Then you can either hold your hands in front or the groom can put your hand in your pocket or hold the bride's hand - this is classic that gives a sense of timelessness to your photos. They are also very simple and you can use them when taking pictures of the beach during your Florida wedding or on a beautiful hotel balcony.

Remember that it usually looks better if one hand does something in the picture. For example, a hand on a girl's hip or groom holding her jacket closed always looks better than a hand hanging straight down.