Make hustling your lifestyle… Photo b

Make hustling your lifestyle… Photo b

Forrest is located in the heart of Victoria's Great Otway National Park. It is a small community that boasts a very vibrant social fabric that involves all kinds of municipal activities and activities for tourists. Probably the most notable is its wide range of mountain bike trails. These mountain bike trails are ranked as the best in Australia and cover more than sixty miles of spiders through the mountains surrounding this small village of Forrest.

A few short years ago, Forrest was a typical small village. A joy to visit but not much going on to put it on the map. Things have definitely changed. Forrest is now good and safe on the map with many festivals throughout the year. The Forrest Festival, which is now in its third year, will take place in November and December. This festival is unique because it allows your average & # 39; mountain bike riders to compete on a professional circuit but not in the true sense of the word. Competitors in this competition compete against their friends and riders with similar abilities. This is a great way to experience MTB racing without having to be a real professional racer. Of course, even faster riders are accommodated in this case, but it is mostly suitable for the non-professional rider.

If you are not interested in competitiveness, you need not worry. Just visit Forrest at your leisure and take advantage of the intensive MTB trail network. There are currently 16 different ways to choose from. These tracks vary greatly in difficulty and vary from beginner to intermediate to professional. You can choose to go alone, go with friends or sometimes you like to take the whole family together. Whatever you decide, there is a trail for you.

When riding, you must take appropriate care and be careful with everyone's safety and go in a responsible manner. You may need to get permission for some tracks, you should leave the tracks as you find them, never put anyone in danger and follow all signs, especially speed signs. You also need to give to faster riders and do your best to inform others of your impending progress. A watch ring is a great way to do this. In short, security is crucial for these tracks and it is your responsibility to drive safely and be responsive to all other riders.

forest is in every way the best place for mountain bike trail riding but there are many more options available via the Otway Ranges and along the Great Ocean Road so don't forget your bike when you go out on vacation. Happy mountain bike.