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McLaren # Davids05 #Photodavids05 # photographydto05 # LADavids05 # davids0503 # photoofthedaydto05 # blogdto05 # blogdavids05 # photo05

As motorcycle ownership continues to rise in America, the number of riders has been severely damaged and killed in accidents. The reason? It is not that motorcyclists are less careful or legal than other motorists. In fact, cyclists are much less likely to be involved in collisions than car and truck drivers. Unfortunately, when they are involved, they are almost always injured because motorcycles offer much less protection in a crash than cars.

Legal issues

Because cyclists are about four times more likely to suffer injuries in an accident than drivers, chances are they need legal representation also much higher. It is not to say that a rider can sue for a crash to injure him or her. The law cannot afford them special rights because their vehicles offer less protection against serious damage. But when a driver is negligent and damages a biker because of it, a claim can be brought against the offending driver.


As most cyclists can attest, there is a certain general bias against motorcyclists in America. Many drivers see them as daredevils that weave in and out of lanes without care in the world. So, when they are injured in an accident, the sympathy can be undermining. Some motorists can even conclude that they got what they deserved.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is well aware of the unfavorable stereotypes that some people have about cyclists. As a result, he or she must overcome these prejudices for a personal injury trial to succeed. In most cases, it is clear that negligence occurs with the other driver.

Damage that can be restored

- Hospital bill
- Pain and suffering
- Lost wages
- Emotional suffering
- Property damage
- Damage damage

Why call a lawyer?

As mentioned, there is a big difference between ordinary car accidents and those involving motorcycles. Like it or not, judges and juries tend to be less sympathetic to cyclists than regular drivers, and you'd better believe that the other driver insurance company is aware of that fact. If their client was wrong, they would offer you an agreement to resolve the matter before lawyers became involved. Do not let yourself be fooled! It is always best to leave all communications in the hands of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Why?

Since chronic injuries are expensive, insurance companies always try to resolve cases before the entire damage is known. And if you redeem and sign your rights prematurely, you can be stuck to pay for another driver's negligence for a long time. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can get you the money you deserve. Whatever the other side can say, always contact a legal expert before entering into negotiations with an insurance company.