Mercedes Benz classics: valuable stars: old metal is the new gold: Among the 20 models in the classic car index (OTX) with the highest performance are ten Mercedes

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Driving in the rain is not as easy as walking. Driving under heavy showers or annoying winds should not cause fear for drivers, but none of them can ignore the challenges associated with it. Negative weather conditions are sure to increase the risk of being in serious danger and causing a situation for you along with your family. Obviously driving under such conditions requires your undivided attention.

Registration for driving lessons can help you stay ready for emergency situations and make sure you are driving in bad weather. In addition, you should be accustomed to any downsides that may come your way and take the necessary security measures. Here are some quick tips for driving in the rain.

· Turn on wipers: This is perhaps the foremost thing you should do when it starts to rain suddenly. It not only helps keep your windshield clean but increases visibility. It will be wise for you to replace your dryers every year to prevent unwanted events. In addition, it is recommended to use hydrophobic discs that cause the water to fall.

· Turn on the headlights: Turning on the lights is the other essential thing you need to do as soon as it starts pouring, even if there is daylight.

· Drive slowly: It may prove stupid on your part to keep high speed while it is raining. High speed increases the chances of the ski and ultimately leads to an accident. To ensure your traction with the wet roads, you need to slow down the speed.

· Eyes on the road: You have to be very focused while driving in the rain. If possible, turn off the music and stay glued on the road ahead. In addition, it is the best time to drive with both hands.

· Do not crush the brakes: An important tip that you can follow is to not be hard brakes whenever you want. If you often do it on the wet roads, you can stop sliding or skiing forward. You can lose control when braking. In addition, when you brake the brakes hard, your car brakes will be filled with water and cause malfunctions. Slowing down the accelerator is a better option for such occasions.

· Keep safe distance: It is mandatory that you do not act smartly and try to increase when there is too much traffic. Keep at least 5 meters away from the car in front of you. Leaving the necessary space in front of the car will help you avoid accidents.

· Take slow turns: Drive as slowly as possible while turning. Making sharp turns during rain can cause you to ski and face an unexpected accident. According to the experts, you have to reduce the speed of your car for about a third while it starts to rain.

You can also try to wear polarized glasses for better visibility. The school will help you follow the driving guidelines to get the necessary knowledge about driving in a bad climate.