Mercedes SClass Nights ✨ – @GentBeLike Courtesy of

Mercedes SClass Nights ✨ – @GentBeLike Courtesy of

After having had a success in the swimming session on the first day of the training, the group was not so happy about the bike day. Now the bike had been used sparingly over the years with its eraday before there was a driver's license. The thought of peddling for more than just a few miles seemed scary. The first challenge was to cycle to train. There was a Mongoose Mountain Bike from Wal-Mart that could be used. The first day came and the coach "Buzz" kept his usual greeting to the crew. The race and the Sim would sit out and observe everything that happened. The bath was still left from his less than successful first sim and had a little less "pop" in his step.

The bike led away for what would be a reasonable 30 minute trip. It didn't take long for Buzz to realize that mountain biking was too small and peddling was too stingy. This bike wouldn't do for racing, but they decided to make the most of the day. Buzz began to relay on the bike some of the different nuances to drive in triathlon as the bike would need to know. Buzz said you are the three disciples between discipline. You must maintain a good heart rate. You must maintain a steady race speed and effort.

At this time, the bike was about a mile from home. The seat was already uncomfortable and the attempt to paddle became more difficult. The lack of size with the bike made it possible for the knees to hit the handle. This bike would have to go. When the bike made the transition to some of the other roads, the time was flying. It wasn't long before the bike realized that it was about 15 minutes away from home and needed to return. If this day the bike taught something, it was that he really liked to be out on the bike. If the bike was the right size, it would surely be the best of the disciples. The peak speed that the bike achieved that day was about 14 miles per hour. Sure, it would be much faster if the doubles were to become competitive.

Buzz thought that this first session was good with the bike. Unless otherwise decided that it was fun with the sport and that an investment in a better cycle would be desirable and necessary. After the debate on the first day with the Sim, it was a much better day. It was a realization of all the disciples that this was a long process with much to learn. Buzz knew that the three disciples just started a good trip in the triathlon sport.


Mountain biking was a major disaster. Until this time I had no idea that there were different bike sizes in addition to raising and lowering the post. I started shopping a new bike immediately and found one on Craig's list that also included shoes. I went to look at it and bought it. It was still a little small so I bought a new, bigger frame. I stopped selling both the original frame and the larger frame and bought a triathlon-specific frame on eBay. All this costs me around $ 300.