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When it comes to buying a motorcycle helmet, the most important issue is "Will this helmet protect me if I fall or get a blow to my head?" The only way to be absolutely sure is that the helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation, (DOT) or has been rated Snell. DOT-approved motorcycle helmets and Snell-rated snowmobile helmets undergo almost the same rigorous testing process. The main difference between them is how the readings are calculated. Fast helmets are usually necessary for all types of motorsport racing. So, if you are planning to drive or ride on the edge of madness, make sure your helmet wears a Snell rating sticker on the back.

Helmet Types

We will not discuss shorty or open face helmets in this article. We focus on whole-helmet helmets, which can also be used for snowmobiles, downhill skiing, car racing or any other sport where high speeds are met. Full-helmet helmets provide good protection for the mouth, chin and jaw, which explains why they are the most popular choice among riders. The helmet's style can come with or without a shield. Most typical glasses can be worn with a shielded helmet, but sliding them through the eye port can be a delicate thing. If a helmet is not equipped with a shield, goggles should be used to protect the eyes from debris and wind.

Modular helmets, commonly known as Flip-up helmets, are designed so that the entire helmet's front flips up, allowing the user to talk freely or slip on a pair of prescription glasses. Some modular helmets come with flip-down sun protection that dramatically cuts down on glare and thereby reduces eye strain. When the chin and the screen are down, the protection is the highest, but conversely, the air flow is lowest. Hot steaming breath can quickly fog up a shield, so make sure the helmet you choose has a well-developed ventilation system that the rider can regulate.


Another important step to buying a full-helmet motor helmet is comfort. Most modern DOT-approved or Snell-branded helmets are comfortable if properly fitted. For online purchases, pay attention to the helmet size chart. Don't worry if your new helmet is a smidge on the tight side. Liners and pads are compressed during the break-in period.


Full-helmet helmets have a wide price range. For example, a Vox DOT approved modular helmet, equipped with a flip-down sunscreen, excellent ventilation system and a comfortable central chin bar button, can be sent to your door via FedEx 2nd day for $ 119.95. An ARAI RX7 Corsair Full Face "Nakano Shuriken" on the other hand may ask a price that exceeds $ 800 buckaroos. Racers should dig deep to buy Arai or other fast-paced helmets on the market. For those who are not interested in catching big air in the 5th gear or having a death wish, you can save some money and buy a DOT-approved whole helmet that offers the options they are looking for. Having safe headgear, or riding in comfort doesn't mean you have to fork out a handful of Benjamin Franklins.

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