SIMSON Hawk SR4-4 Technical specifications: Engine: M 54/11 Displacement: 49.6 ccm Max. Power: 2.5 kW at 5750 rpm Transmission / drive: 4 speed / chain Brakes: Drum brake Simplex / Ø 125 mm empty weight : 78 kg total permissible weight: 260 kg tank capacity / reserve: 9.5 liters / 1.5 liters colors: olive green Vmax: approx. 60 km / h

When you buy a new car you want to find ways to save on car insurance. There are many ways you can save at the expense of your insurance when you buy a new car.

Check the car's rating

Insurers charge more for cars that have high tax rates regardless of ownership. Some charge you less for collision and extensive coverage if your car values ​​well for sustainability and safety. Check the statistics for the new car you want before you buy.

Raise your deductible

If you can afford it, consider raising your deductible. The idea is that you can be prepared to pay the damage yourself, so the insurance company does not need to be in the event of an accident. They like this. So if you can do that and transfer the risk to yourself, you may be able to reduce your premiums up to 40%. Then you can take part of these savings and put them in an emergency fund, which still comes out on top.

Reduce old car coverage

If you have an old car that you are replacing with the new car, you should reduce the amount of collision coverage you have. The reason for this is that insurance companies do not pay more to fix a car than the car is worth.

So if you have an older car and the damage is $ 12,000, but the blue accounting value of your older car is just $ 10,000, they won't repair the car and will only give you $ 10,000.

Cars over five years, depending on their value, but not worth the collision and extensive insurance coverage. Remember, each year of depreciation reduces the maximum requirement you can make with collision coverage.

Use the same company

If you already have a car and you are ready to buy a new car, be sure to use the same company to get your policy. Insurance companies will give you discounts if you put more than one car on the same policy. Often you can get up to 15 percent of the policy to do this. The same applies if you combine your car insurance with your home insurance.

Avoid installments

If you can avoid it, you do not pay in monthly or quarterly installments. If you can afford it, you pay your premium in a lump sum instead. Insurance companies tend to charge extra fees if you pay premiums in monthly or quarterly installments.

Better credit score

Insurance costs are strongly linked to your credit history and insurance claims. In many states, your credit score directly affects the prices you get. You should review your credit score deeply to make sure everything is correct and there are no errors.

If you have bad credit, work hard to systematically get it back when you pay bills on time, repair debt etc. Then go back every time the points improve to ask for lower prices from your insurance company.