It is many evil in the world today. The world can work dark. The world around us may seem so big that we have been compressed from the equation. We start acting like a wussy. The problem is inside you, your inner BADASS is trying to escape!

How do we remove the bad mentality and just the EXCRETE badass mentality?

First of all, we must define these words. A wobby is someone who always feels that the world is crashing around them. A wussy blames everyone else for their problems. A wobby tries something, thinks they suck it and then ends. An eerie waste not only their time but other people's time and always has an opinion. A wussy will always find something negative to say and have lots of wussy friends who will sympathize.

But do you know what a badass is!

A badass is someone who trades because they see the possibility instead of hopelessness. A badass makes mistakes, but does not blame other people. They take responsibility for their actions and results. So do what they can to make sure it doesn't happen again. A badass doesn't stop when it comes to what they want. A badass does not spend time thinking about what they should do because they already do it and take initiative. A badass always focuses on what they want, instead of what they do not want.

A wussy will never act before a bad because they are for WUSSY to find out that they did not succeed.

If you're a wobby, that's okay.

It's okay to be the essence until you know better.

Now that you know BETTER, you have to start making some changes to your behavior.

To begin erasing your inner Wussy and replacement Badass, there are some techniques that I can suggest that you implement immediately. Perhaps you can turn a switch and stop being a wobby, but for most people it is not that easy to turn the switch.

5 Easy techniques to create a bad mentality

1. Define exactly what you want in life in these 5 categories:

  • Passion - Something you are passionate about skiing 100 times a year
  • Health - Target weight, fitness goals or dietary choices
  • Wealth - 10k a month, 100k a month, be specific.
  • Relationship (s) - better relationships, new relationships, 2 hours a day with wife and children, etc etc etc
  • Environment - where do you want to live, holiday, type of house, desired city, etc.

2. Create a schedule and routine. Wake up this time, go and sit down this time, eat this time, work this time, play this time. It is okay to turn from the schedule later, but first you really really get a routine down so you when you have free time and you know when to get some work.

3. Create new friends. Your old friends suck. People are either the wind in your sails or the anchor on your tail. You become like the people you surround yourself with. Make new friends who are bad, live their lives as they please.

4. Eat healthy, organix if possible. Stop eating fast food, there are more chemicals than food in most foods these days. This makes people fat and lazy. Make some choices in what you put in your body and you will notice a difference in your mood, mind and body.

5. Stop doing all of the oproductive Bull dung activities in your life. Games, TV and everything else you can do to waste time. You know what these activities are. These activities keep you back even though you can enjoy them. Your character can be measured by what you are willing to give up to live your dreams as you defined in step one. What are you willing to give up to get what you really want?

I used to be in the same position ...

I would jump jobs to work, apartment to apartment, school to school, and after 10 years came NOW. I've only survived. That was it. I didn't know better. I didn't know I would lose my job and not get the raise so I can afford a more payment.

It wasn't until I was 26 years old that I realized that I had done the same thing over and over again for 10 years when I changed my mind every time I changed my job. I realized that I have to do something different to be the bad one I am.

I wanted to own my own business. No longer taking orders from another manager. I wanted to be successful and open a 2nd deal, but I knew I was a few years away from it. I have developed badass mentality habits and removed my inner whiteness. I was a wussy for 10 straight years of my adult life.

When I knew what I wanted, I could take my dreams into consideration when making decisions. I was offered a job and had to knock it down because it was not in line with what I want my future to look like. I made over $ 2,000 without leaving home within two weeks of deciding my dreams, making a schedule, creating new friends, and making healthy choices for my physical body. I started taking action even when I didn't know how much I did ... The results still come in ...

I know what is required and I found the vehicle to ride to take me down my path for success. When I opened my mind and changed my attitude I started making choices I didn't even know I could do!

Join me .. work with me .. to release your inner badass and fight the evil forces!