www.maisonjaccoll… Fashion Clothing, Activewear, Shoes & Swimwear. Shipped Globally to your door. #maisonjaccollection #worldmarket #fashion

www.maisonjaccoll… Fashion Clothing, Activewear, Shoes & Swimwear. Shipped Globally to your door. #maisonjaccollection #worldmarket #fashion

Are you tired of the interior of the car? If you are, there are some simple and cheap changes you can make. These will cease the dullness of the warehouse appearance and give your car a new look.

One of the places you can start is with a cap for the steering wheel. Most standard cars have a nice plastic piece. Almost every car has a black steering wheel, no matter how the rest of the interior is dressed up.

At one time, a wooden reel was a tidiness of elegance and sportiness. Now, few people can afford this luxury change. Then a steering wheel was in leather, again usually black in color. The last option is to cover the wheel in leather, but with a selection of colors. This I recommend.

In addition to dressing up your car, a protection will also hide any wear or damage that may have occurred to the steering wheel.

There are several manufacturers who manufacture these products. Each offers a pallet with different colors, so you have a wide range and can find exactly what looks best with your car's interior.

Some points to consider. First, you need to install them better, and it takes about an hour. The real cheap have elastic and you can only drop them in about a minute or so. You will not have any of these, so I cannot recommend them at all.

Secondly, insist on leather. It gives you a better look. It is also warmer in the winter when the temperature drops. You do not want to freeze your hands against the wheel. Leather also gives you a better grip, and this is important from a safety point of view.

Third, make sure the product is designed and dimensioned specifically for your car. You should be able to order one based on the car's brand, year and model. One size does not fit all.

If you have replaced your steering wheel or have an ordinary car, you can ask to measure the diameter of the wheel and the circumference of the widest part of the wheel. They should have at least half a dozen different sizes in stock and the ability to tailor make one if the need arises.

Fourth, check if your car already has a lid on the wheel. If it does, you can either remove it, or you may need to order a size larger to get a better fit.

And finally you don't have to stick with a color. Some companies offer a "Euro" style protection that has a color for the top and bottom and another color for the sides. Very unusual appearance and it really differs, and sets you apart from the packaging.