10 Quad Biking Facts You Didn’t Know sport honda

Have you gone a quad bike yet? If you have, you know what an exciting experience it is to explore hidden tracks on this stable dirt bike. You do not need much experience but still you get all the satisfaction of reaching remote places in no time. Even if you are an experienced four-wheeler, here are some facts you may not know.

1. In 1893, the first powered quad bike was built and sold by Royal Enfield, a British bicycle company. It was similar to an ATV in the form of a horseless carriage intended for road transport.

2. In 1970, Honda entered the production of tricks and quads that were patterned on their motorcycles.

3. Suzuki is recognized as a leader in ATVs or quads, and in 1982 the first ATV (QuadRunner LT125) was sold as a beginner for recreational vehicles.

4. The first ATVs differed very differently from the modern quad bike we have today. Some of them originally came with 6 wheels. They were so naked that these vehicles did not have tail lights until 1998 when they were to get them. It was not until HONDA Rubicon was put into production that ATVs were equipped with GPRS.

5. Honda's FourTrax TRX350 4X4 ATV introduction in 1986 paved the way for the now popular four-wheel drive ATVs.

6. When the 90's arrived, people came to discover that ATV has the potential to be helpful and powerful working vehicles, since then they were usually seen on farms. Eventually golf carts and air baggage tractors were patterned after the four-wheeled bike with modified specifications to serve a particular purpose.

7. Quads are classified into three categories, road conditions, terrain and tools. Road legislation is the one that needs to be registered and may of course be run on public roads with a driving license. Off-road quads are the ones used for recreation, farms and other rough terrain activities. Tools are used for both road and work.

8. Australian Matt Coulter made world record history by performing the longest distance jumping on a quad bike. The date was April 17, 200 when he skipped 14 Honda CRV vehicles at a distance of 134 ft.

9. Jon Geutter from Minnesota was the first person to successfully perform a rear-view mirror on a four-wheeled bike.

10. Parking and maneuvering are easier on a quad with low speeds. The rear wheels of the vehicle actually move in the opposite direction to the front wheel wheels.

You have now had a taste of some interesting facts about this vehicle. Now is the time to experience the true excitement with quad bikes. The years of innovation and improvement of these wonderful bikes have resulted in a very popular action adventure sport.