Escort Passport IQ Review car photo

Is your connection upset with 12 volt electronic devices like a radar detector, a GPS and perhaps even a blue tooth hands-free cell phone interface? Don't you want someone to come up with a device that would combine all these into one?

Well now there's such a device and it's the new Escort Passport IQ radar detector, GPS and more.

When I first dealt with the Escort Passport IQ, I called it a game changer in the fact that Escorts engineers were able to create a radar detector that had the high performance of the Escort 9500ix and hit it all in a full-fledged dash-mounted GPS that also included optional bluetooth hands-free calling features , live XM traffic reporting while developing opportunities for future units.

When my wife saw the unit for the first time, she commented that it was the first radar detector she ever saw that she would be comfortable putting on the dashboard as it didn't look like a traditional radar detector.

Due to the GPS features of the Escort Passport IQ, you can notify you well in advance when approaching one of the photo-supply devices such as a red light camera or image radar camera with an audio alert while displaying the exact location of the threat on IQ's five-inch screen .

There are also a variety of other screen options like:

Detector Mode that shows your route, speed limit, direction of travel along with the band and the exact frequency of any polar radar and / or laser shot.

3D navigation mode that will give your current location and route on a five inch screen while displaying some photo speed fields directly on the map.

Passport IQ's maps are powered by the Navteq database, which is one of the more accurate GPS mapping databases available today.

IQ's image management database is run via the Defender database, which is updated weekly.

Need to update your Defender database or update the detector firmware, just download the latest updates online from your computer and then directly to your Escort IQ.

Our test of the Escort IQ's radar detectors performance in range and sensitivity we found to correspond to other high performance radar detectors in its class such as Escort 9500ix and Escort 8500×50.

In terms of its filtering ability to filter out the annoying all the false warnings, the IQ at the top of the class was binding with the 9500ix and 9500ci for the first place because the autolearn's smart filtering capabilities exist in all three detectors.

Some of the most common questions we get regarding Escort Passport IQ include;

Corrects IQ against radar detector detectors like Specter and should I consider enabling the Ku band feature in the device

As far as stealth, no, despite that Escort Pass IQ is cheated on the eye, it's not boring with RDD's like Specter. If you are driving in areas where radar detectors are illegal, you can disable radar detector functions while still using the full GPS device. But, if you need a detector that is sneaky to all RDD's then I recommend either Escort Redline, Escort 9500ci or Beltronics STi.

When it comes to activating Ku-band, if you drive in North America I would recommend leaving it off, because there is no police office in North America using Ku-band.

But if you are traveling in Europe or other Asian countries, you may want to consider enabling Ku-band.