Hero Maestro Vs Suzuki Access 125 white motorcycle

In the Indian two-wheeled industry, small-capacity scooters always have an important place. The congested city roads and the burning fuel prices may be the reasons for this. Hero Maestro and Suzuki Access 125 are two commuter scooters that are popular in India. 110 cc Hero Maestro launched in 2012 is priced Rupees 46,700. Accees 125 is the best-selling scooter from the Suzuki Prize Rupees 49 125 and 51 217 for the standard and Deluxe models.

Maestro is available in colors of silver, panther black, flaming red, pearl white and scrub green and Access in good red, pearl white, metallic silver and metallic black. Both scooters are electric starting type with automatic gearbox. Maestro has a 3 Ah battery with 35 / 35W halogen headlights, 5 / 21w crystal tail / brake lights and crystal turn signals. The supply has 5 Ah battery with 35 / 35w halogen, 5 / 21w crystal tail / brake lights and crystal turn signals.

Maestro has a 109 cc, 8.2 ps and 9.1 Nm of torque that gives miles of 50 kmpl. The more powerful Suzuki Access has a 124 cc, 8.5 hp, 9.8 Nm of torque that gives a better mileage of 55 kmpl. Both have fuel systems for carburetors and CDI type ignition. Maestro takes 9.2 seconds for 0 to 60 kmph acceleration and Access 7.9 seconds. The top speeds for both bikes are 91 kmph.

Maestro has a better dashboard with an analog speedometer, a digital fuel gauge, two digital gauges, a stand indicator and a low fuel indicator. Access 125 has an analog speedometer and fuel gauge and low fuel and low battery. Maestro has a high stiffness under the bone type chassis with bottom link with spring-loaded hydraulic damper front and unit spring with hydraulic damper at the rear. The Suzuki scooter has a diamond chassis with telescopic coil spring-loaded oil damper suspension on the front and swing arm flush spring type oil damper rear suspension.

The dimensions of 110 kg Maestro are 1240 mm wheelbase and 155 mm ground clearance. The supply weighing 112 kg has a wheel base of 1250 mm and a ground clearance of 160 mm. The brakes are 130 mm drum type for Maestro and 120 mm drum for access at both ends. The tires are 90 / 100×10 "for both scooters. The access has a 6 liter fuel tank against the 5-liter tank at Maestro.
Lower prices, better styling and a unisex look are the plus points in Maestro. The Suzuki Access 125 has a smooth engine, better front suspension and a key hatch function.