Honda CB Twister Road Test Review honda motor

Honda, the company known for making the best engines in the world, from a humble 150cc engine to a private jet engine, has come a long way. Some say it's a Honda engine, it's got it all, but it alone doesn't do the magic. Its complete package and Honda are renowned for offering high quality products in the premium segment. Mostly, Honda is paying attention to premium customers, but what if they have to enter the mass market, say to a 110cc segment, which has been occupied by the old but still Gold Hero Honda Splendor?

CB Twister is Honda's answer to Hero Honda Splendor / Passion, Bajaj Pulsar 135 and Suzuki Slingshot, but does Honda actually make the heart skip like other deals?

Yes yes and no! Yes in terms of the fantastic look, refinement and overall quality of the bike. 110cc Twister lacks enough ponies, but you will be hard to feel the same in city driving, where it feels abundantly loaded.

Being a Honda drive is smooth and handling is in place. The brakes are good, but larger rubber would help a lot.

The overall look of the bike is quite positive and for a mass market dedicated to the mass market, only the Honda does not compromise its core values ​​of quality, aesthetics and sophistication. The lack of equipment such as digital speedometer, tachometer, etc. makes a small problem in Twister's reputation, but overall, Honda has made a competitive offer that sets the sales chart on fire.