Kevin Spacey is Proof That You Do not Need a Deep Voice to Have a Great Voice honda videos

Many men wish the tone of their speaking voice was deeper – similar to James Earl Jones or Vin Diesel. You don't have to be a base, but to have a good speaking voice; and Kevin Spacey is proof of that. Warm, resonance, rich and melodic, Spacey's voice is very calming and given the right tone, sensual.

Voiceover for Honda, Spacey & # 39; sells & # 39; their television advertising because its voice instantly creates confidence, integrity, class and value for their cars. Whether Honda vehicles are worth so praise is not the issue. Spacey's voice makes it credible. That's all that matters.

Several years ago, there was a commercial for Chrysler Cordoba, which contained the Mexican-born American actor Ricardo Montalban who considered the car's beauty, reliability, comfort and, most importantly, its wonderful Corinthian leather. While later admitting that Corinthian leather was just a term Chrysler coined, what sold the special model was the voice of this very stylish, suave and sophisticated man. His voice was not very deep, but it was one that radiated warmth, sexuality and credibility. Women swooned over Montalban just by hearing him speak.

The absolute one in both Kevin Spacey's voice and late Ricardo Montalban is that they are warm. And that is the only feature you will discover in your voice when you allow your breast to become your primary sound card.

Having the deepest voice is really not what makes a good voice. A good voice can only occur when you take your voice out of your neck, & # 39; and use the huge cavity in your chest to drive your sound. Only then will you discover good vocal resonance. Only then will you discover a voice that vibrates in your chest when you speak. It is these wonderful vibrations that can make your voice fascinating.

Knowing how to use your voice to its optimal potential is a great asset. However, the majority of the population do not. Most use only 4 of their 5 resonators or cavities to produce vocal sounds – the neck, voice box, mouth and / or nose. If you are typical of the majority, you are not aware that your greatest resonator, the breast cavity, is responsible for the truly wonderful speaking voices you hear today, whether deep or deep for Vin Diesel or intermediate level by George Clooney or Peter Coyote .

Learn to drive your voice from your chest and you will discover a richer, warmer speaking voice that can be as great as Kevin Spacey or Ricardo Montalban!