Little Red Corvette red cars

Sad as the bona fide backseat plays the Song of 1983 album titled 1999, Little Red Corvette Prince combines linguistic texts filled with innuendos with synthetic click rates to make a flirtatious little number.

Even before this song, Prince was known for his blatant sexual texts mixed with a raw and funk sound, which resulted in most of his previous recording not receiving any radio play. This song was just obscene for not insulting anyone, which resulted in radio play.

In the song, Prince speaks of a night night with a beautiful but promiscuous woman, metaphorically named "Little Red Corvette", throughout the song he claims to enjoy the experience, but urges her to slow down, find a love that will last before she destroys self. The exact nature of the song remains for the imagination that Prince is never quite clear if he is talking about a car or some red hot minx. In addition to "Little Red Corvette", Prince uses several other car metaphors, including comparing their interlude to a limousine.

It's rumored Prince got the idea of ​​the song while he fell asleep in Lisa Coleman's Edsel or Mercury Montclair, depending on who you're talking to after a strenuous recording session all night. Lisa Colman was the Prince's keyboardist for both his 1999 album and Controversy albums and made the backing song for Little Red Corvette. According to rumors, the texts came to prince in pieces under the special cat and others who followed and eventually he could finish it without sleeping.

Little Red Corvette became one of the prince's most famous songs and helped put his name on the music scheme. This song was his biggest hit at the time and the first to grace the top ten status in the United States that topped the # 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 single chart, which is the US music industry's standard single popularity chart issued by Billboard magazine. Little Red Corvette was one of his first singles to perform better on the pop schedule then the R&B chart because of the pop / rock format of the song.

The same Little Red Corvette inspired another musician, Stevie Nicks, who got the idea of ​​"Stand Back" after hearing Little Red Corvette. She heard the prince's song in her car, wrote "Stand Back" that night, later called Prince who came into the studio when they recorded the song to play keyboard.

The little red corvette is one of the songs that always stands for the time test. In 2001, Chevrolet put signs with a picture of a red 1963 Corvette Sting Ray who said, "They don't write songs about Volvo." In 2003, Chevrolet used that statement in a commercial that was aired for the first time during Grammys. The ad showed old photos of The Beach Boys who performed "My 409" followed by Don McLean who sang "American Pie" ("drove my Chevy to levee"), and then performed "Little Red Corvette".