NYC Parking Permit Abusers Revealed

The Transport Options group has launched a website where people can upload pictures of illegally parked cars, sports parking permits and signs. The reason is that while the city's government officials and workers often issue special parking permits, they are only intended to be used under official service.

Only in emergencies

The problem is that some owners of these posters overuse and abuse their parking permits. Not only do they use them when they are not at work, but they double park, park on sidewalks and block handicap accessories and fire water. There is no doubt that the police should be able to park almost anywhere during an emergency, but someone who works in a courthouse should not be able to leave their car where they feel it just because they leave a piece of paper on the dashboard.

Nothing new

The fact that the municipal board members abuse their parking periods is not necessarily a new revelation. Last year, NYPD conducted a study of the One Police Plaza area that revealed that more than 1,000 cars were illegally parked and showed city parking permits.

NYC loses money

According to Erik Feder, The Parking Expert, "This has been stopped. Not only are these parking permits abusers often gobbling up legal spaces that we all can justly use, but because of them, NYC loses money. Drivers put money in the meters just like the rest of us, not to mention the parking tickets that they would get (and pay) when they park illegally. "The site where people can post pictures of illegally parked cars showing parking permits can be found on the Transport Options website

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