Royal Wedding Biscuits

Wedding is special! You don't want your wedding to be another wedding wedding but what people remember for days.

If you want to add some unique and inspiring ideas for your guests "Royal Wedding Biscuit" ideas can turn out to be a nice surprise at your wedding. You might think about how biscuits at a wedding can make an impact?

Learn more about how unique you can have a lasting impression of your wedding by serving these delicious delicacies or giving them as return gifts.

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It is your wedding and you will of course be over enthusiastically looking for every minute's detail of it. Creating an exclusive, never seen unique idea menu is what we all have in our minds.

Add, Beautiful, Delicious "Royal Wedding Biscuits" to the menu, as well as wedding favors, grateful gifts that appeal to everyone. In addition to the biscuit package, tin can live forever as a memento. It can be a perfect container of sweet candy to pass among your guests.

Here are some ideas on how you can design your own royal wedding cookies. This vintage inspired biscuit treat is simple and unique:

1. Floral and forest landscape cookies

If you have an outdoor wedding or destination wedding, biscuits can be the best to serve or as giveaway gifts.

The added flavors are sugar cookies, with almond extract and orange peel. glaze is unmoved. The cakes will be decorative rectangle about 4.5 ". The size of selected cakes can be adjusted by request. The white ice will have a floral pattern on the top with the bride and groom's initials engraved in the middle.

2. Pink heart sit on cupcakes

A unique way to greet your wedding guests by serving them these sweet sit on the cup's heart-shaped biscuits. You can have your wedding date engraved or your and your partner's name engraved on biscuits. It can also be adapted to different forms.

3. White macro wedding

These stylish French candies are made from a delicate cream filling, which requires a skilled hand to do the right thing. With different types of color and taste combinations that fit perfectly into all wedding themes, it is no wonder that they get a lot of wedding attention.

4. Shortbread Sandwich Biscuits

Everyone at your wedding knows you and your groom is made for each other. Let your monogram shine over the shortbread cookies, with a sweetened filling, just drive the home item.

5. Vanilla cake

Basic yet lovable loved since ages, vanilla cakes can be good giveaway gifts at weddings. Too nice for touch and for delicious to enjoy. Your guests will not stop enjoying these mouth water tanks that taste like vanilla.

6. Orange Flavored Cakes

Orange flavored biscuits make the perfect wedding favors. These delicious gifts will never remain on your wedding guest's plates. They are delicious sweet pieces that can easily be customized with your and the groom's initials engraved on it or make it ideally sliced ​​into the bridal and groom shapes. Serve them at the end with the desserts or wrap them in a nice package as return gifts for your guests to take home.

7. Coconut colored cookies

Make an impression on the guests by adding an eye-catching detail to these basic coconut-coated biscuits that you can bake in desired shapes. Serve them at the time of the dessert, or give them as a return gift by packing it in the matte bags.

8. Biscuit Cakes

Basic sugar cakes can turn into elegant favors when stacked to look like miniature wedding cakes and topped with sugar flowers. Each sponge cake-biscuit will be spread with royal glaze and then mounted when the frost is set.

9. Chocolate piping with chocolate icing

The cakes will have a creamy frost filling. These chocolate cakes are processed together to form super sweet sandwiches that make your special day memorable.

Your sweet wedding day deserves sweet candies like these personal wedding theme cakes. These beautifully designed designer cakes are made from a classic butter and chocolate chip recipe with an almond ornament and are hand decorated with royal chocolate cake that dries into a sweet, crunchy topping. Leave out for guests to enjoy the event or pack and send home with the guests for a memorable benefit.

10. Personalized chocolate coated biscuits

Encourage your wedding guests to enjoy delicious sweetness while serving these chocolate-covered biscuits. Each biscuit is dipped in rich milk chocolate and decorated with hand-drunk white icing for a presentation that looks almost too good to eat.

Wedding parties require the introduction of unique personal feelings. From soft midnight snacks to last dance drinks, serving from the above-mentioned "Royal Wedding Biscuits" treats will give a lasting impression of your wedding.