Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Special Day motorcycle pictures

Today many brides and grooms want to be different on their wedding day. So the wedding is not just a moment to bring together two souls, but as a special time for self-actualization and expressing a hobby. And it starts from the choice of invitations.

Each person has their own way of being unique. A musician would like to have an invitation card with a picture of musical instruments. A pianist will likely form the card as a piano, and a guitarist will love guitar-shaped cards. If you and your partner come from military families, an invitation card in the Camo theme will represent the background of your family. If you like magic and gothic themes, you can write the card with red ink as blood. Vampire or Dracula images make your cards more unpleasant, and become even better if the party is held with the same theme.

Another idea, if you are a fan of Harley Davidson and your spouse has the same hobby, a motorcycle-shaped invitation card will be very unique. It makes it an unusual wedding invitation. For couples who are active in maintaining the environment, you can put dry leaves or straw in your card and make them look unique. You can find lots of ideas to create an unusual invitation card.

A unique look can be created from a unique form of card or envelope with unusual invitation. For example, if you create an envelope of fabric and shaped like a purse. Or you can use the bottle to put in your invitation, so it will be like "Bottle Message". For those of you who have the skills to make crafts, you can write the invitation in a beautiful paper fan. It will look beautiful and truly unique.

Unusual wedding invitation cards make the beautiful wedding moment so unforgettable. Your friends and family just can't wait to attend your wedding. Because if the cards were distributed were unique and unusual, then it is certain that the party will be full of surprises. To save expenses, you should make your own invitations. Because the wedding is not a moment to waste money, your marriage will be the beginning of a new life that would require an additional cost. Unusual wedding invitations are a combination of good ideas and appropriate skills. Reading a lot and making friends will bring new ideas. Be unique, but not wasteful!