West Virginia, A Great Place to Hang Your Hat and to Visit Also honda concept

The United States is truly a wonderful country, because there are all kinds of people, the diversity of people, culture and landscape is superb in every way, how happy we are all. Not long ago someone contacted me from West Virginia, and I couldn't help but let the famous song run through my head. "Take me home, country roads" by John Denver.

The mountains of West Virginia are spectacular, I've been to every city in the country and can't tell how many times I've just shut off the highway in western Virginia to take a long scenic route and often got more than I bargained for, but loved the adventures just the same. I have often wanted to stay longer. I have gone past roads in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where they went, but longing to take a chance, take a trip and explore – it's as if the road is calling me.

Well, I guess if I had been to a Honda Goldwing instead of a motor bus, then maybe I just have. One day I would like to do it (spring or summer of course), just take one of these roads, just to see where it goes, such curiosity you would share if you were in the same position there. Maybe you would take the chance and with fate you would dance. Yes, the old highway, John Denver got it right, he really caught the core. You see, if you had seen what I saw, you would agree.

Yes, the old road, where on earth it goes, someone knows, someone in W. Virginia, life was easy and resources abundant. I would like to take all one of these roads, spend a year and see everything. "Take me home, highway" – yes, I would like to do it in more states than just W. Virginia, I have experienced the same feeling in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and in New England states too. It is amazing, what beautiful country we live in.

Still, W. Virginia is so beautiful, so mysterious, so inviting, so interesting, it's simply amazing. Yes, sometimes the weather is treacherous, but when it's a clear day it's so much to see, it's so beautiful. Many people in the city never get the chance to see it, but they should. They really should. Maybe, you will consider visiting W. Virginia, meeting some of the people, and I'm sure you understand it too.