What Is It That Determines The Quality of Your Life? red cars

So if your life is a reflection of the questions you ask yourself, some are great instantly:

"What are some of the factors that determine my life experience?"

"What determines a high quality life of happiness, satisfaction and satisfaction?"

"What is the key to having more peace and well-being in my life?"

"What is the difference between those who always seem happy and content and those who are always unhappy and grumpy?"

These are big questions to ask because they force us to see within ourselves. All the ancient spiritual masters encouraged inward reflection, especially Jesus who said that the kingdom of heaven was within. This is quite sensible because your life is not something that happens "out there" is it? No, it's something you experience in your mind, brain, chest, heart, etc.

That being said, it would be logical to examine the elements that make up our inner world to see if there are things that we can become aware of that can be joyful and enhance the experience we call "our life".

So if our lives are about what is happening within us, what does this mean? That means we are emotional creatures. Whether we like to recognize it or not, our feelings and feelings are probably one of the most powerful drivers we experience as humans. This is easy to show when you ask yourself why you want something at all in your life, whether it's a big beach house, a lover, a dog, a new car, a vacation, a million dollars, a promotion at work etc Anything you say you want in your life, you want because you think you will feel better when you have that thing. Is not it true? So you can say, it's not that "thing" you want, but the feeling you think it will bring. Therefore, we are emotional creatures period!

We can see directly that a very powerful influence of our emotions and emotions is our belief. Faith is such a powerful force for all people. What we say, what we do and do not do, what we think and how we appear in the world is based on what we believe is the case. Having determined it is the next question to ask yourself;

"Do my views shape my experiences or do I experience what I think?"

It may seem like a chicken egg consumption right? Well that's it and that's not it. It would be meaningful that if you want to live on the "cause side" of life rather than on the "Effect" of life, it would make sense to carefully examine your beliefs, make a conscious choice about what to believe, and then through the Powerful Law of Attraction, Experience what you think.

For example, if you believe that people are usually good natural in their hearts, you experience your day in this way. You will notice all the things in your day that will confirm this to you over and over again. But if you would have a general belief that people are looking to bluff you or take advantage of you, then you will also experience examples of this over and over again.

It is the same as the phenomenon "The Red Car". You don't notice all the red cars on the road until you buy one, so suddenly you see all the red cars on the road and you can't believe how many are right?

So the point made here is to look carefully at your beliefs and decide which ones you want to experience in your daily life and which you would rather leave. The question to ask is:

"What convictions would I like as full support for who I really am?"

"What would I need to be, do or experience for this faith to be true to me?"

Now it's just part of the process. It is not easy to just release a belief that you may have worn for many years right? Or is it? It can be as easy as making the decision HERE and now as long as you are ready to release all the secondary benefits hanging on that belief. You see that you may be very aware of some of your limiting beliefs, but that doesn't mean you're ready to let them go. This is the challenge for each of us in some way. No matter what "negative" thing you want to get rid of, whether it's a bad habit, behavior or belief, there is always a secondary gain or advantage to keep it. It can be sin, sympathy, attention, everything.

As soon as you know it's about faith, it's about choosing them very carefully and asking everything. Most rarely take time to go deep into themselves to ask their inner self if something feels true to them or not. Most of us, whether we are aware of it or not, carry deep embedded beliefs that we have adopted from our upbringing, our parents, the education system, the media, the government, etc. It would help you a lot to take a moment to ask you just a few more questions like;

"What do I think is true about X, Y and Z?"

"Why do I think so?"

"Where could I have taken up that belief?"

"Does this belief reflect and depend on the one I really am?"