What You Need To Know About the Audi TTS Roadster sport bmw

Audi first had its second generation platform that came to notice in 2008. The TT sport coupe was a two-seat roadster. It was known as the first "S" models from Audi TT in the market. Quattro was introduced to the Volkswagen Group Design Center in the mid-1990s, but came out in 2008 with a heavily revised version. Subsequently, the first TTS cars were officially used in the UK for racing purposes. November came the same year and TTS was finally for sale in the US.

Imagine Qauttro's wheel drive with a smooth hood that can hide a turbocharged engine. It's just so tempting to look at its properties while forgetting the price you pay for. Letting you have seamless shifts and straight curves is the result of the dampers that are adjustable as you wish. The features of the Audi German Roadster should never be taken for granted with its highly revised and greatly improved 2.0 TFSI engine, the machine runs smoothly and comfortably. It is available in either a manual gearbox or a six-speed S tronic gearbox. Currently, 2014 TTS has all the useful upgrades you want.

Let's just list and check out these current TTS features below:

Manual transmission

Sports steering wheel

Beautiful housing

Leather sports power front

Bose sound system

Automatic climate control with a zone

265 horsepower turbo intercooled engine

Lock-free brakes

Mounted airbags on the side seat

Automatic air conditioning

navigation System

Cruise Control

Xenon headlights

Rear parking sensors

Driveline traction control

Not to forget, it also has a soft top that folds over like a convertible and enough space for seating. It has a maximum seating capacity of two with heated seats. Side and knee airbags are available for safety optimization. It has stability and traction control, which means that the pressure of the disc brake can be distributed in all right amounts by means of electricity. With its 22-city and 31-mile-mile-second fuel economy stake, you'll save some money for your gas.

If you compare the 2014 model with that of last year, you may not see much of upgrades, but still promise the sharper performance that everyone has seen. Nothing can be compared to both fully equipped interiors and exteriors. Basically, it has been known so well that the 2013 model was not changed from 2012.

With all the mentioned features, it is just a fantastic car for comfort, efficiency and style. You can get your eyes on other brands or models, but you should expect TTS to stand out between the rest while you hit the road. Expecting to have the right way for both everyday use and special events, TTS is just perfect for it. If you are a tough racer, you should be armed with the budget to pay for this luxury you are in. If you are not on a budget then you will enjoy all the ultimate value and performance to meet your driving needs. The function and the optimum safety you get from this Audi TTS Roadster is suitable for this racer.