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When choosing bridesmaid dresses, one of the important factors to consider is the color of the dresses. The bride can choose her favorite color for the bridesmaid dresses. She can also choose a color or colors to suit and compliment the bridesmaid.

There are many colors of bridesmaid dresses to choose from. The chosen bridesmaid dresses must be suitable for the occasion, season and formality. Pink for example is a widespread color for girls. This color means youth, innocence and femininity. Outdoor weddings in the spring are ideal times for choosing pink dresses. This color will also be a good choice for more mature bridesmaids. There are also varying shades of pink as rum pink which likewise look beautiful and feminine but not very teenage. The pink dress can be made smaller as a ball gown if it is made without bows and other girly decorations.

Black bridesmaids long dresses are most suitable for evening ceremonies. Black short dresses can be chosen for a more relaxed event in combination with bright colors such as white. Black is a flexible color that looks good on most women. Bridesmaids who want to narrow their appearance also choose black for their slimming effect. Bridesmaid dresses and dresses in black can even be recycled and re-worn on other formal occasions after the wedding. However, some people may not believe that black is suitable for weddings because black is usually the color associated with grief.

Red dresses are considered a stronger choice for bridesmaid dresses. Red dresses are best for evening ceremonies like black. In order to cope with its striking appearance, the dress can be made shorter and combined with other lighter colors. Red also comes in different shades. Fiery red seems to be very prominent and too sexual that it can attract the attention of the guests. This cannot be beneficial for the bride who should be the focus of the wedding, so that a brighter or muted shade of red should be chosen. Women with brown or olive skin are suitable to wear red-colored dresses. Redheads and blondes tend to look pale with red.

Dark blue shades such as navy blue and king blue can be replaced with black. Like back, these blues also look to compliment the majority of women. They look sophisticated and give a slimming effect. Unlike black, dark blue shades are not associated with grief.

Hunter green and maroon dresses are similar to navy blue dresses in a way that they look like preppy, vibrant and clean. Both colors are colorful and dark but not too overwhelming.

Purple bridesmaids dresses can be replaced with red dresses if you want to disclose the sexual implication of red. Like red, purple tends to make a woman with fair skin become paler. Purple can also look good on women with yellow skin tones. Purple, like any other color, also comes in different shades so be careful when choosing shades that compliment your body type. Heavier bridesmaids may not look so good in purple dresses.

Pastel-colored dresses are best for summer or spring wedding. Orange dresses in coral or peach shades are the current trend. They look most appropriate on dark-skinned women.