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Indoor mini golf

Indoor mini golf or putt putt, the name game is known known by is a little sibling in the world famous game, golf. Miniature golf uses a smaller version of a golf club called a putter thus the name putt putt.

Invented between the end of the 19th century and the mini-golf ball from the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a strong growth with miniature golf courses; courses and current game fields, mini golf tournaments and professional players who have taken the sport as a career. Recently, miniature golf has evolved from being played on outside tracks and has become an indoor sport adorned with glow in dark light, giving color to the game, especially when playing at night.

Away from the history and growth of the sport, let's play mini golf. Just as in the Jack Nicklaus game, mini golf is the main purpose of getting the golf ball inside a hole with the least possible stroke. You have to choose a putter that is about the height from the feet to the waist. At this time you are halfway to becoming a master of putt-putt.

How to keep a putter

Like normal golf, the second key to mini golf is the grip. This is just as you keep the putt so that your stroke leads the ball to exactly where you want it to go. Remember that you need to get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible. The hand that goes first for a perfect grip is your dominant hand, that is, the hand that is "going to" the hand when you have to use them. Stretch your hand to the well and have a handshake against the putter handle. The other hand comes after the first but puts it behind the handle. This type of grip is known as the backhand grip. Other grip forms are the handle of the handle and the overlap grip. The two are not used the most, but are important to know because different people may have a preference for a grip on another basically because of the body structure. The hand resembles the back hand but has hands farther apart. It harnesses the upper body strength which gives less effort in the hands compared to the backhand. Finally, the overlap is. Here, the dominant hand is held under the less dominant hand. This grip focuses heavily on the grip force to keep the well in control and is least popular with professional miniature golf players.

Stand for swing

After mastering the grip you are almost ready to start playing. Place the ball in front of you and make sure the ball and the tip of your toes make a triangle shape in relation to each other. This is called the position. The feet should be approximately 30 centimeters apart, pointed forward. The position is used to achieve a good swing without losing your balance and consequently having a bad swing. With Jack Nicklaus's words "Establishing Correctly, you give a good chance to hit a reasonable shot even if you do a mediocre swing". The farther away the foot is from each other, the stability increases but thereby increases the force needed for that pendulum movement to make the ball roll.

Then comes the goal. The well has a line at the top. This line is known as the finish line. It helps you tell which direction the ball will roll after your swing. Therefore, the finish line should always point to the hole, so the ball rolls in the same direction. Make sure the putter erases horizontally with the ground before a shot is taken.

Take the turn

Finally, swing. For a beginner, it would be tempting to have a Tiger Woods swing but remember the clear field of golf is not here so that such a swing can lead to injuries given that you play indoors. Miniature golf uses a set kind, not much work is required. Putter should be swung but never cross your waist. Sometimes the smaller the fewer times you need to get the ball in the hole.

Trial run

With these skills practiced, you are ready for the course. Have the ball at the beginning of the green. Usually it is delimited with a black marker where you place your ball. If it is a competition, each in the game should choose another colored ball to avoid confusion during the game. Everyone takes their first stroke. The person whose ball is closest to the hole will have the next turn. If the ball has not entered the hole with the sixth turn then it is the person with the next nearest ball to swing.

When playing indoor mini golf you can be in a position where the ball will rest next to a wall. According to the rules, you can move the ball two club head lengths for a suitable swing

Generally, mini golf is a wonderful game to share with the family on a weekend. The rules are quite simple and the victory is not largely dependent on physical strength, and the young and grandparents therefore do not feel disadvantaged. Weather or time is also not a factor when playing the game, given that it is indoors that adds to the fun. On the benefits, mini golf can also be improvised with old cups for the holes and a small putter. Pillows and chairs can serve as dangers to make the game more challenging. By keeping points, the outdoor experience can be simulated as much or even more fun.