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In 1956, William "Peter" Snell was involved in an accident with cars in amateur and suffered massive head injuries. An ineffective helmet allowed the damage to take place and caused his death. Of this terrible tragedy, and in memory of his life, he came Snell Memorial Foundation (SME). This non-profit foundation was originally founded in 1957 by racing colleagues and friends, as well as doctors and researchers who showed expertise in head injuries. The intention of foundationwas to create standards for efficiency for helmets used in the car racing industry. The foundationissued its first safety standard for helper helmets in 1959. SMFlater expanded its focus to include safety and efficient performance standards for motorcycle helmets as well as helmets used in skiing, cycling, ice skating, skateboarding and even riding sports.

Motorcycle Helmets - Snell Standards

The standards stated by foundation For motorcycle helmets, the most rigid and rigorous standards to date and are kept up to date through consistent updates. A Snell certification is only given to a helmet model for motorcycles only after a number of tests have been performed to measure the efficiency of performance and the ability to stay on head under different conditions, including wet and cold. SMF remains completely independent of helmet manufacturers and government entities. Snell Certifications are also voluntary. Therefore, the motorcycle helmet manufacturer must pay for and pay for testing their products. Helmets that pass are marked on the inside to show the certification of the product. In addition, a list of tested helmets is kept foundation.

Motorcycle helmets - Quick test performed

Tests performed to determine Snell Certification permission include the following:

  • Effect test tests for g-force on strokes (300g or less are the standard)
  • Position stability or Roll-off Test measures the helmet's ability to shift but does not roll off the head
  • Dynamic retention Test test for maximum stretch of chin strap in stress
  • Chin Bar Test-measures the side swing of the chin device (applies to full motorcycle and special app / kart racing helmets)
  • Shell Penetration Test-used to test the helmet's ability to eliminate or limit the penetration of a test string falling from a certain height
  • Face Shield Penetration Test-measures the screen's ability to deflect a speed pellet
  • Flame resistance test test used for special application racing helmets made using a propane flame

Motorcycle Helmets - Certification Follow-up

In order to ensure continued compliance with the standards that motorcycle helmets are tested, should foundation follows up on previously certified helmets. This is achieved by random purchasing and testing of products stored for sale to the public. This extra test helps assure the consumer that the standards that the motorcycle helmet's effectiveness was originally measured are still met. If the sample showing that it does not conform to the original certification standards, corrective action by the manufacturer to meet these standards may be introduced by foundation.

Statistically, it is estimated that having a motorcycle helmet has been 37 percent effective in preventing death injuries to motorcycle riders and 41 percent in motorcycle passengers. NHTSA estimated that, during the same year alone, the use of motorcycle helmets saved the lives of 1,829 motorcyclists. (Traffic safety facts: 2008 data) In addition, a motorcycle helmet with the Snell certification can help insure the rider if the performance quality of the helmet they carry if an accident occurs during use. This special certification adds to the cost of manufacturing the helmet. Therefore, the ultimate price for the motorcycle helmet is greater than any helmet that does not come with Snell Certification. But in the unfortunate event that your helmet's efficiency is set to the real test, it can only prove to be worth much more than the extra prize.