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MP3 FM transmitter. If you want your MP3 music player in your car, there are a number of ways to achieve this goal. However, you may be limited by the basic design of your car's stereo system. If there is no cassette player, you cannot use most car kits. If you do not have an extra port, you cannot connect an adapter cable. The question remains: How do you effectively connect your digital mp3 player? One of your last choices is an MP3 FM transmitter. But these are not necessary will always be the best choices.

How to MP3 FM Transmitter Work

An MP3 FM transmitter works quite simply. Basically, they send the music to your existing car system over all open FM channels. You just need to place the transmitter on your player (make sure you choose one for your specific model) and locate it somewhere in the vehicle where you will be able to pick up a strong signal. It is often close to your antenna.

The advantages of MP3 FM transmitters

Of course, the biggest plus for this system is that you can finally listen to music through your existing stereo MP3 speaker and you don't have to carry around your entire library of CDs in the car anymore. You do not have to worry about replacing your existing system because all stereos contain FM radios, so this method will probably work, in that respect, with any vehicle. Another advantage is that some of these can also be wireless, which means that you do not have to worry about whether your car lacks a lighter (the port that is normally used to drive these added units).

Disadvantages of MP3 FM transmitters

Although in some cases it may be the only option available, you may just want to consider it as a last resort if other choices are available. Part of the reason is that the sound quality is rarely so good. You have heard FM stations before so you probably have a clue what to expect. Plus, if you live in a larger city with many stations used, you may have to struggle to find a free channel.

Another disadvantage is that you will lose the signal altogether in many places. This is most common when passing high structures and entering the valleys. The lost signal problem can be quite annoying, especially when it happens often.

If you want to use an MP3 with FM transmitter for your portable mp3 player in the car, be sure to read some reviews and find the best available. The cheaper models will deliver a lot less in terms of performance so you want to clear them. Also, you are less likely to find wireless options. Some of these transmitters will also work with your existing home theater stereo, which can be a great feature if you want a way to listen to your music indoors as well.