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BMW 850i – – #Bmw

More than 40 years ago, Joel "Mr. Motion" Rosen made a simple 427 Camaro engine change to an empire. Today, his brand has been rebuilt: built-in order, dyno-proven and guaranteed SS, Phase III 427 and 454 Camaros, made from a high-tech dynamo store and available exclusively from a single Chevrolet authorized dealer. Specially prepared 427 and 454 engine power the latest iterations of the legendary Baldwin Motion Fantastic Five: 2011 SS and Phase III Camaros, dyno-rated at 525 [SS-427] to 800 hp [427-SC Supercar].

Each MOTION Camaro will be built to order at Redline and matched by Howard Tanner. A complete dyno report and official Baldwin-Motion documentation and VIN plates go with each car.

In 1967-1968, Baldwin-Motion marketed its full line of 427 Chevys under The Fantastic Five banner. And then they launch the new line 2011 MOTION Camaros. 2011 fantastic five:

* SS-427 [525 HP]

* Phase III 427 [600 HP]

* SS-454 [550 HP]

* Phase III 454 [625 HP]

* Phase III 427-SC [800 HP Supercharged].

Muscle car war is not over yet. While the Mustang offers its 302 Boss and Shelby GT500 models, Chevrolet finally confirmed the 2012 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro. There were some teaser spy shots early this year, but since GM suspended the Z28 program due to massive costs. Fortunately, the new 5th gen Camaro outsold Mustang and GM released their Z28.

2012 The Z28 Camaro is rumored to have a supercharged LS3 engine that makes 560-plus HP. The Z28 will probably get the 20-wheel wheels and brakes set on the Cadillac CTS-V. Design wise, the Z28 will have a more aggressive frontal phase and a larger bulge in the hood to create space for the monstrous engine. No official pictures yet - just spyware. The revised design is designed by Jon Siba.