C63 AMG “Normally I'm not a big Mercedes fan BUT, in this case I must admit …

C63 AMG “Normally I'm not a big Mercedes fan BUT, in this case I must admit exception. NICE!!

Car duvets are an unpleasant look. Most of us are proud of the car we own and drive even though it is not the most modern compared to the new Mercedes that passes you. So it still hurts when somebody beats a shopping cart in you, or you suffer from a minor road collision or even suffer from large hail stones that happen from time to time.

Depending on the size of the canvas you have either just got on your car or just noticed on your car, you may need to visit your local panels or auto body shop to have a look at it. Or, if it is small enough, you can do it yourself with some DIY tools.

You must first have a good accurate look at the damage. If you have ripples or a line or fold in this mouth so if you have not had any kind of experience in this, you have to take it to a panel block for them to have access to it and get a prize. It is unfortunate if you end up here for what can look like something rather small and cheap to fix but also the very small ones take time, especially if there is a fold in the nozzle to take out. But if you have something simple that has dampened your car like a big shot, you might be able to press it again carefully. If there is a whole panel that has hit a minor traffic accident, then you can only buy another panel, remove the damaged panel and replace it with the new one.

A practical tip for bulbs without folds is to use the household appliances. You have to be very careful here. The technique is to apply very slowly pressure to the nozzle where the piston is over the top, just as if you were to clear a blockage. Gently push but firmly down the plunger until there is no more air in the plunger. The best result here is to apply some water or grease around the rubber edge of the piston to keep it as airtight as possible. Then, with a very firm grip, pull back the piston and release the nozzle. This is hard work and probably impossible to do on brain tents, but ideal for side parts, ceiling fragrances and engine heads and bootdents on flat plates that can be a quick and easy fix because of the decor that is difficult to remove.

Another method of repair is to use a wooden block, an old towel and a rubber boat. This is good for bulbs that are larger than the plunger of the pipe. The towel is to protect the edges of the wooden block. Then, wrap the towel around the block and make sure the block has no hidden sharp edge left as if you are at risk of causing even greater damage. This is good for bonnets and ceilings and boots / shoes. If the nozzle is on your bonnet, open the sleeve and hold the block of lined wood against the underside of the nozzle, gently pushing it off until the canister has disappeared.