Hahaha. Why are Nero and Unser just getting together now? They deserve their own…

Hahaha. Why are Nero and Unser just getting together now? They deserve their own mini series or something.

I slept happily on Friday morning as a knock on the door woke me up from my slumber. Not quite awake I wasn't sure if I had heard that there was a knock on the door. Soon the doorbell rang.

Ambling to the window I looked to see two sheriff's vehicles in my driveway. If you've never woken up like this, it's a little unnerving. I am a legislative citizen who does not get into any problems so I was very confused. A checklist of potential problems ran through my head to figure out the reason for their presence in my outer courtyard.

Maybe they were there because I didn't pay the taxes on my vehicle. Knowing that I paid the bill six months ago, I quickly dismissed that reasoning. After rejecting several possibilities, I thought that either my Rottweiler had managed to get out in the yard or someone happened to my son who was away in school. I decided to just go out and find out what's going on.

I was informed that my car had broken into the night before. The sheriff examined five other burglaries from my neighborhood that morning and he saw my car door cracked. Much to my fear the inside of my car was a total disaster with discarded paper and everything in my glovebox was taken out. I couldn't identify anything that was missing.

When I sat there and regretted the fact that this was literally the first time I didn't lock my car door, I thought my home security system failed - a Rottweiler called Beethoven. Now Beethoven is a very protective animal that looks over our property as a hawk when he is awake but he somehow managed to miss this. This whole event made me think of home security.

When we bought our home it had an alarm system, but we cannot wake the alarm when we leave the house because of our cats in the home. This leaves our home completely unprotected. Thankfully, nothing of great value is taken from my car but our home would be a completely different story.

I started investigating all my home options and found that a home provider is the right one for me. What is right for me may not be for you, so I have put together a few things to look for when considering home security.

The first big question is to ask yourself if you want to come along home security or install a home security system on your own. The advantage of installing a system on your own is that the total costs are low. A supervised security system has more to offer you the opportunity to monitor your home while you are away and quickly contact local emergency law enforcement. This means a much faster response time to minimize any loss. A supervised system can also protect you from fire, carbon monoxide and flooding. This is a great extra bonus.

The next consideration should be if you want a wireless or hard-wired system. You do not have to worry about the power supply of a hard-wired system, but a change of your home is required. A wireless system makes the installation a wind and minimizes home modification. It is possible that you may need to check the batteries of some components.

While it is not a typical offer from most home providers, video surveillance can be a valuable tool to help you identify intruders or vandals. If you are considering adding a video surveillance system to complement your home security, look for CCD cameras that also have night view features and a system that can provide you with video backup features.

Whether your security preferences do not trust your faithful little companion to warn you in any case. As I have found, it is not as reliable as a supervised home care provider.