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Les traigo amor: ¡más de 60 fondos para su celular! – Fashion Diaries | Blog de moda

Shopping for a new car is an exciting adventure, but it can also mean a lot of running, dealing with various car dealers and a lot of research. New cars are expensive.

According to reports, the average price of a new vehicle in 2015 was $ 33,500 and right when you leave the dealer and hit the road in your new vehicle, your car will reduce almost 11% immediately. A new car's value also falls almost 20% every year and lowers its value by almost 30% in the first year.

That sparks the question, why wouldn't everybody buy a used car? The reasons vary from being the first and only owner, knowing what you are buying and not wanting to do the right research.

While a brand new car should never be seen as a bad investment, there are other options that can save you thousands of dollars and the difference in vehicles is not often far away.

For example, if you shop, go to retailers and find the type of car you want, you should not stay there. Keep shopping and looking for used cars of the same model, depending on usage and mileage, you can save over $ 10,000 in some cases.

Many believe that used cars are broken or beaten. And while it may be true, more likely than not when someone sells their old car, it is still in good condition and they are probably looking for a change. Doing the right research and working with the right people is important to find yourself the best deal out there.

Here are five of the most used cars that you can find for under $ 15,000.

1. Cadillac CTS 2011-2014 - The Cadillac CTS was a turning point for the automaker, making it more competitive by offering an affordable price along with keeping luxury, comfort and driving precision of its old models. This mid-sized car is one of the best options when looking for a used car.

2. Mazda 6 2014-2016 - Although this can be hard to find, it is one of the best newer models you can buy used. The Mazda 6 has a good and clean interior, plenty of storage space and a host of updated technology throughout the vehicle.

3. Honda CR-V 2012-2016 - For a compressed SUV, the Honda CR-V is one of the best bangs for your buck when you buy. Practically and reliably, the CR-V is one of the newest and best models you can find.

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012-2015 - The Camry Hybrid is a great choice when buying and looking for a cleaner trip. The Camry Hybrid also provides a comfortable and efficient ride back 40 miles per gallon, giving you even more money.

5. Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 - When it comes to trucks, it is difficult to find a better deal than the Toyota Tundra. Tundra is durable and reliable, perfect for work, towing and essentially everything you might want from a truck.

Buying a used car is the smarter decision. Not only will you save money, with the right time and the right research, you can save a ton and put the money to use elsewhere.

Try and take the real car you are looking at at a personal mechanic so that he or she can look over the vehicle to make sure nothing is wrong. It is very important to make sure that the car is sound both inside and out.

There are many good places to shop for used cars, so you can try and check your vehicles before making any purchase. If you take the time to do the right research and the right shopping, you save on your new vehicle. For the new car buyer, it makes sense to buy a used car, which saves money almost immediately as well as in the long run.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used car, you want to keep your new purchase protected. Finding cheap car insurance near me is the best way to keep yourself safe and covered, no matter what event you may be on the road. The right insurance company will be with you every step of whether it is in a new or used car.