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"Have you noticed that sorrow in your life has never, even once, lasted?

It is impossible.



It's really all for you. Life comes to you as a ton of bricks but it is your decision to keep the negativity and focus too much on your situation and not allow you to move on. Yes, sometimes life is unfair and we handle difficult problems that may seem insurmountable. We sometimes make rock out of mole hills and continue to feed this negativity with more drama. Just like a vampire feeding on blood, if you lower your blood supply, you kill the vampire. How do you do this with negativity? Now you basically transform all the situations you encounter, especially the bad ones, as a learning experience. You figure out how you can take what is happening today and apply it to what you can avoid tomorrow. It may seem like you would be expected to anticipate the future, but the reality is when you learn valuable experiences, similar future scenarios that may happen in the future can expect similar results. Therefore, predictions become a daily routine.

Nothing in life is 100% prefect and no one really knows what the future holds. No matter how hard you try to plan, not everything will happen as you anticipate. Some bad things happen to good people and some nasty things also happen to good people. Where do the bad people come in? Well, this is when life is pretty cheeky unfair. For the bad people, you see them living in wealth and abundance, driving exotic cars, staying in mansions and vacationing every 3 months. Just so you know, not all bad people are rich and not all rich people are bad people. The universe created a balance and that balance is crucial to maintaining life on earth. So you might ask yourself: Why am I on the other bad side of that balance? Why couldn't I be rich? First, stop thinking negatively where life is against you in some way. Second, do you really go for your full potential? Third, expect luck to be part of the very difficult equation we find in time and space continuum.