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Nissan GTR has always been a vehicle that stands for extreme performance. What most people do not realize when thinking about this machine is that it has always been a well-rounded type of performance car. The new R35 GTR has been injected with the same DNA as previous R32, R33 and R34 models. This means that the car will have extreme performance and also practicality to meet the demands of someone's lifestyle. Nissan describes the new R35 GTR as a sporty car which means that it is not only a fast car with all the right numbers that look good in newspapers.

The main question about R35 GTR would be, "Is it a supercar?" The fact that this issue has been raised makes me happy to see people realize that there is more to a supercar than just the numbers generated by the performance test. When I think of a supercar or at least what a supercar has been up to now it would be something that is fast, stimulating, violent, loud and visually attractive at the extreme level. GTR undoubtedly is fast, and not just in a straight line. This vehicle brought out top-level Porsche models and also gave the enlightened Gallardo a round for his money at the Tsukuba circuit in Japan. It also watches one of the best times at Germany's Nürburgring for a production car that is a better reference than a dense circuit like Tsukuba. With these achievements, it can be said that GTR has great power, braking and swinging capabilities that either match or rival cars that are considered super cars.

It's as fast as a supercar, but that's not enough. My opinion is that it can't be called, it just falls somewhere else. A supercar is just a category, it doesn't necessarily mean better. The R35 is better than a supercar, but the things that make it better would be the only reason why someone would rather not buy it. It is a useful machine, which means that it can make you work in all conditions and can run all year round through rain or snowstorms. It has room for passengers and luggage. It is quiet enough to drive down the street at 2 am without the neighbors hating you. It is rounded off and can visually fit in with the rest of the cars on the road, especially 350z and G35s. These are all great features, but not the types of properties that the type of person who will buy such a product is looking for. Most people who are in the market for a vehicle like this are looking for one thing and one thing, extravagance, both in appearance and in the car's driving character.

The fact that most of the machine's testing was done at Nurburgring says a lot about it. Nurburgring is a demanding circuit that requires a car to be set to be fast and safe at the same time. The perfect car in this circuit would be something that makes the driver feel safe when you watch amazing times. A lap around this course in a real supercar would cause most people to have a heart attack before they came halfway, but in this car anyone can do a few turns in a row without shaking too much while traveling at the same speeds. The R35 is a perfect ultra-light street car designed for the average driver. Some drivers like Keiichi Tsuchiya drove this car and did not like the fact that there were so many computers that removed the control from the driver and said the car felt "unnatural" at its borders. What a professional does not realize is that the average driver who does not practice the track daily is happy to return some driver control responsibilities back to the car so that he or she does not have to worry while rushing to work or have some fun of soothing roads over the weekend. .

Although the R35 is not a supercar, there is still something else that sends a positive message to people about the progress of cars. Sure, it's not enough commodities to be a pure sports car like the NSX R or the Porsche GT3, which is designed for driving enthusiasts who want to be stimulated, but I think Nissan wanted to show the world what they can do when it comes to drivability technology with this one. car. Clean sports cars are generally fast because they are stiff, light and responsive, just like racing cars run by street professionals. GTR weighs almost 2 tons, which means that the secrets to its speed are not so simple. R35 can be considered a beast with ways that were built to appeal to everyone. It can be a little too cheap for the status-driven upper class and a little too expensive for the current 350z, Evo and STI owners. A car's price says a lot about it and for only $ 80K, I would say it should be higher to match the lower numbers that it generated during the performance tests.