Mercedes E Class 2015 | 2015 Mercedes E Class Picture | 2015 Mercedes E Class In…

Mercedes E Class 2015 | 2015 Mercedes E Class Picture | 2015 Mercedes E Class Interior

You have decided that you want to buy your first motorcycle and you want a quality bike that is easy to learn. Honda Rebel CMX250 is a great choice for a beginner motorcycle. Honda has made this bike almost unchanged for over 25 years. Although it is commonly called a 250cc motorcycle, it really is a parallel twin cylinder 234cc air cooled bike. This is the same motorcycle that is used all over the country at motorcycle certified riding training schools such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and others where you learn about how to go. Everyone should seriously consider enrolling in one of these courses on it can literally be a lifesaver. Even experienced riders can get some knowledge from these courses. If you have never traveled before, it is the best way to quickly come up with the right knowledge to get you on the road safely. In addition, most insurance companies usually offer discounts if you have participated in any of these schools.

Honda Rebel is stylish, sits low on the ground and is easy to handle. The seat sits about 27 inches from the ground, making it a light driver for even shorter people. If you are tall, you may feel a bit cramped and maybe you should take a look at a Yamaha Vstar 250 that may be better fit. Technically, this cycle is classified as a cruiser. Cruisers was an American design that started the way back with the early Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles, and now includes a large part of all the motorcycles sold.

The gearbox of this Honda is a typical 5-speed gearbox, with a 4-speed down shift. This bike is very forgiving for beginners who make it a joy to learn. Light on the feet of just over 300 kg, it is literally a light rider. A disc brake with good size and rear drum gives you plenty of stopping power. Due to its low seating position and low center of gravity, this cycle is a maneuver in all situations.

It's comfortable, neat and comes with the time tested Honda durability and reliability. It will get you about 70mpg on a regular basis and can maintain highway speeds, but due to it's ease, I would not recommend it for excessive motorway travel. It's really a great commuter and lots of fun to learn and to drive.