Mercedes E63 AMG

Mercedes E63 AMG

Love rides on your motorcycle, but doesn't like the helmet's aftermath? Helmets often cause helmet hair, which can make your hair flat and lose its natural style and bounce. It is not worth giving the helmet because you might risk your own life if you do not wear the essential motorcycle helmet. So skip the helmet hair, but not the helmet by using some important ways to restore the hair to its normal, fresh locks after riding.

-A way to handle helmet hair, which is the flat or static hair caused by the tightly fitted helmets, is to buy a ventilated motorcycle helmet. Not only will your hair be less static or flat, often caused by overheating in a compressed area with not much airflow, your body will begin to feel cooler while driving your motorcycle. If you are driving in hot weather, a ventilated helmet is recommended because overheating can cause other problems, such as dehydration, which can be dangerous for the driver.

- For those with long hair, put it in a ponytail or pigtails. Make sure your motorcycle helmet still fits on your head as you attach your hair back in a low ponytail. It is practically very useful to do so, because it keeps the hair out of the way, making it less of a distraction. When you arrive at your destination, you just brush your hair and it should be as usual.

-Otherwise, when you arrive at your destination, take a practical kit that will sort out your hair and return it to its usual jumping itself. Just spray dry shampoo on hair, leave for two minutes and then brush through. This should return to its normal bounce and remove any excess of sweat or fat from the hair. If you are worried about sweat everywhere, take facial tissues and deodorant to cool down and remove excess sweat from the face and body.

- Another option is to add a protective layer between your hair and the motorcycle helmet. Skullcaps and helmet liners act as a barrier between hair and helmet, allowing your hair to stay fresh. Although they can provide protection, they can also make your head over heat, depending on the material used.

Helmet hair is easy to overcome if you are preparing for your trip. By taking a helmet neck repair kit with you, you can always make sure your hair is completely in place. Buying a ventilated motorcycle helmet in the beginning is also a good idea, if you know you will worry about your hair.