Remember, Harry had perfect marks with every DATDA teacher before her…

Remember, Harry had perfect marks with every DATDA teacher before her…

Both the Life Hammer and the Resqme units are multifunctional auto-escape tools. They will cut the seat belts and crush the side windows if you get stuck in a car. Which is best for your needs? Find out the facts here:

Life Hammer is a tool for larger hammer that is designed to be permanently stored in your vehicle. It should be mounted in an accessible location that does not destroy your vehicle's interior design. Suggested locations are in the middle of the car, where both passengers and drivers can reach it or down low at the seat and where it is not too pushy. It has a brilliant point to help you find it in the dark.

The hammer is best used in situations where stowage is not a problem, for example in a commercial vehicle. The biggest problem with this device is that it doesn't look so good in a regular vehicle and almost 8 inches tall is quite large. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it protects your hands when you smash glass and has a part specially designed to eject split glass. It may be better for larger windows but will probably not crush a front window unless extreme power is used.

Resqme is a key chain type unit that can easily be worn around, it comes in a range of funky colors such as black, orange or pink, so it shouldn't offend younger users too much. It can be effectively found when it is attached to the keys and left in the car's ignition but as it is so small it can easily fly around in a crash if left somewhere loose in the car.

Resqme is best for situations where smaller size and maximum portability are required. For example, if you have a few different vehicles and you do not want to fit a life hammer in each one, you can easily carry this with you. It also comes highly recommended by paramedics and rescue assistants who may need to cut both safety belts and crush a car window but must remain very mobile. It definitely looks better than the alternative, so I suggest it is better as a gift and maybe better for young people. If you are really concerned about the seat belt cut the blade in Resqme is a bit more robust than in the competition so this is definitely a plus.