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How to explore Instagram as a social media marketing platform
To increase your Instagram marketing, you must first and foremost increase your supporters on a constant and stable basis. The more people are aware of your brand, the greater your chances of potentially reaching your target audience. Let's run through tips and tactics to explore Instagram as a social media marketing platform to make your brand more popular.

1. Use a unique, sharp and attractive hashtag
Hashtags are not only important to Twitter; They also play a prominent role on Instagram. It is a great way for users to find you through their mobile Instagram searches. Compared to Twitter, here you are not limited by character counting. You can include some tags in your posts to connect. While deciding on hashtag for branding, it is advisable to create brand-specific hashtags. Try to keep it as unique and sharp as possible. Try multiple variations of hashtags as brand-specific hashtags, general hashtags, and trend hacks to get tagged in searches.

Examples of brand-specific hashtags are:

# PutACanOnIt-Red Bull

# TweetFromTheSeat-Charmin


# WantAnR8-Audi

An ideal general hashtag should be prepared with two words over a single word to make it meaningful eg. rather than #QL, #AskQL is a better hashtag.

2. Consistently interact with your followers
When you get followers / s, don't be shy to be engaged. Constantly post impressive content that your followers find relevant to their interests and activities. Avoid throwing random posts, that is, once a week or ten at a time, as far as possible. At least twice a day is required. As your followers begin to increase, you can start laying out three to four times a day. Consistency is most important! According to Anthony Carbone, "If you stick to a niche and show authenticity and passion in your posts, you'll find a strong following"

The more people you can involve and convince to comment on your content (pictures / videos), the better it is for you. Then it will impress the interest of others who want to contribute or comment on your content as well.

3. Do not keep your audience with information overload
No doubt consistency is inevitable, but if it lacks the harmony and relevance of content, it leads to either spamming or information overload. Keep your frequency accurate and consistent. Instead of preaching them, get involved with them. It is better to ask sometimes, they should feel valued. Grade meaningful interaction from them.

The ideal proportion of posts based on followers suggested by industry experts is:

4. Use most of the tools that are free
Instagram also provides free analysis tools for company profiles. wisely utilize them most to promote your products and services. For example, "insights", an analytical tool, gives you access to engagement data. If your account is initially registered as a personal account for your company, you can switch to a company profile. Then you can make money from the free tools companies use to track the shape of their brand on Instagram. "Insights" helps you understand your audience, gives you data on posts with the most impressions, engagements and shares. In the end, you will decide which posts are effective and which ones do not work well with your audience.

5. Repurpose content from other related sources
As mentioned in previous paragraphs, effective and successful Instagram marketing needs consistent posts related to your products and services. It is obvious that every time that comes up with creative and engaging posts is not as easy as it seems. That's where re-purposing content or curating content offers a hand of help. If you give the tag or mention the original poster, this is a completely ethical marketing and does not fall under the plagiarism's black clouds. You must make sure that the posts that you renegotiate or cure are relevant to your supporters.


Social media marketing via Instagram can help you achieve your targeted business goals with much of the ease. Use Instagram to a great extent and in the right way, and become bigger!

There are various other tips and tactics to better promote your products and services on Instagram, in addition to these top 5 that you should keep up to date.